Average website response time bash script

Ok i make a little bash script to test a particular website response time. This is done via the command line through a bash script. Anyway, here's the script code.


echo -n "Please pass the url you want to measure: "
read url
	echo " Time_Connect Time_startTransfer Time_total ";
while [ $count -le 100 ]
	result=`$CURL -o /dev/null -s -w %{time_connect}:%{time_starttransfer}:%{time_total} $URL`
	echo $result;

	var=$(echo $result | awk -F":" '{print $1, $2, $3}')
	set -- $var

	total_connect=`echo "scale=2; $total_connect + $1"  | bc`;
	total_start=`echo "scale=2; $total_start + $2" | bc`;
	total_time=`echo "scale=2; $total_time + $3" | bc`;
echo "average time connect: `echo "scale=2; $total_connect/100" | bc`";
echo "average time start: `echo "scale=2; $total_start/100" | bc`";
echo "average time taken: `echo "scale=2; $total_time/100" | bc`";

What the above does is to prompt you for a url to test and run it for 100 times on your machine and print out the average response time from the website server to your machine.

Assuming you save the above file in 'shell', you will call the above script via 'bash ./shell' and it will prompt you for an url and start executing the url for 100 times and gives you an average response time.

P.S: the above script required you to install bc, you can install via yum install bc or sudo apt-get install bc 😉

25 Google Chrome Extension For Web Developer and Designer

Firefox is really good web development tool for both web developer and designer for many years. However, it is getting slower and utilize a lot of resources which can be as much as 2GB on my laptop which really doesn't seems to justify. The best alternative i am looking at? Chrome. (DEFINITELY NOT IE ! RAGE!) Here are 25 Google Chrome extension that every web developer and designer will definitely be interested to have.


What is the easiest way to find out the fonts used in a webpage? Firebug and Webkit Inspector are easy enough to use for developers. However, for others, this should not be necessary. With this extension, you could inspect web fonts by just hovering on them. It is that simple and elegant.

It also detects the services used for serving the web fonts. Supports Typekit and Google Font API.

Even web developers and designers will shout "YEAH!" with this extension.

Pretty Beautiful Javascript

Automatically makes Javascript files you come across on the net look great! Combines both Beautifier (http://jsbeautifier.org/) and Prettify (http://code.google.com/p/google-code-prettify/) to unpack/unobfuscate, format, and add syntax highlighting. No need for copy/pasting or anything else it all happens on the fly for your convenience.

PHP Ninja Manual

With PHP Ninja Manual you can search easily and very quickly in PHP 5.3 documentation in 7 languages. Speed is everything we want in web development.

CoNetServ (Complex Network Services)

Extension that integrates network tools into the browser. I find it pretty useful for both network and web developer to know their server well.

jQuery API Browser

Simple extension for jQuery developers that allows quickly search through API documentation. Web developers and designers who uses jQuery surely find this valuable.

Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer is a tool to help you identify and fix performance problems in your web applications. It visualizes metrics that are taken from low level instrumentation points inside of the browser and analyzes them as your application runs.

Chrome Sniffer


This extension will help web developer to inspect web framework / CMS and javascript library running on current browsing website. An icon will appear on address bar indicates the detected framework. Version detecting is being implemented. One of the most interesting thing a web developer will want to know.

Edit This Cookie

Edit This Cookie is a cookie manager. You can add, delete, edit, search, protect and block cookies!

IE Tab (Windows)

It exactly emulates IE by using the IE rendering engine directly within Chrome. This will enable you to use ActiveX controls and test your web pages with different versions of IE (IE6, IE7, IE8, or IE9). Any web developers and web designers will definitely want a Chrome plugin that can assist you will cross browser issues.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, one-click. One of the easiest and most powerful screen capture apps on Chrome. For both web developer and designe will definitely want this on your Chrome so that you can explain to your client more clearly on what are you referring on the site. Picture speaks a thousand words.

Firebug Lite for Google Chrome

Firebug Lite is not a substitute for Firebug, or Chrome Developer Tools. It is a tool to be used in conjunction with these tools. Firebug Lite provides the rich visual representation we are used to see in Firebug when it comes to HTML elements, DOM elements, and Box Model shading. It provides also some cool features like inspecting HTML elemements with your mouse, and live editing CSS properties.

However, for web developer who is using this you might face problems as not all features are available on a lite version. Here are some of it which you might want to take note of.

  • Cannot read external resources
  • Won't work well on pages with frames
  • JavaScript debugger isn't available
  • Net Panel isn't available

Web Developer

The Web Developer extension adds a toolbar button to the browser with various web developer tools. This is the official port of the popular Web Developer extension for Firefox written by the same person and best of all, we will be enjoying it on Chrome!


Sometimes things doesn't go well and you will start wondering whether its your internet connection issue. Test it on your Chrome straight away!

Resolution Test

Resolution Test changes the size of the browser window for developers to preview their websites in different screen resolutions. It includes a list of commonly used resolutions and the ability to customise that list. It also gives users the option to turn on Google Browser Size. Something web developers and designers won't want to miss.


Pendule extended web developer tools for Chrome. It gives you more features for both web developer and designers could ever think of. Something similar to web developer tool above but built within Chrome developer tool.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Both web developer and designer will appreciate this Chrome extension whenever they want to test a particular form or just throw some text into a design.

Click&Clean (Windows)

For windows user, you are in luck. Click & Clean is something you want to have on your list, especially web developers. Just think of all the clearing of cache makes me headache but that's not all this Chrome extension do.

  • Scan your PC for Malware
  • Delete your browsing history,
  • Remove download history,
  • Erase temporary files,
  • Clear cookies and Empty cache,
  • Delete client-side Web SQL Databases
  • Remove Flash Cookies (LSOs)
  • Protect your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your internet activity,
  • Clean up your hard drives and Free up more disk space, icluding secure file deletion using external applications, like CCleaner or Wise Disk Cleaner.
  • Watch flash videos offline, without being connected to the Internet!

Web Edit

Just press F12 on any http:// webpage, and edit text and delete things like photos, and embed elements. You can even delete a YouTube video off a page! Once you've had your fun, just press F2 to turn off edit mode, for a convincing looking defaced webpage. Web designers will definitely find this useful infront of your client.

Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper is extension for Google Chrome and Chromium. It allows you to pick color from any webpage or from advanced color picker. It is great tool for web developers.


YSlow analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages. YSlow grades web page based on one of three predefined ruleset or a user-defined ruleset. It offers suggestions for improving the page's performance, summarizes the page's components, displays statistics about the page. bla bla bla.. i bet most web developers know more than i do.

IP Address and Domain Information

Web developers and designers often have to assist their client with domain stuff. Whois.is is probably somewhere we always visit. Before even going to google, this might just tells us more about our client before approaching them.

Session Buddy

Web developers will find this pretty handle. Session Buddy is a flexible session management extension that allows you to easily save, edit, and restore your browser sessions.


A simple tool to quickly check the position of a list of sites given a keyword.
For example, on the sample image you can see Wikipedia ranking #1 and Amazon ranking #18 for the keyword "lcd".

SEO SERP Workbench

A tool to quickly check the position of multiple sites (yours and your competitors) given a keyword. Many countries are supported. Web developers like me will definitely welcome such extension on my Chrome.

HTML5 Pointers!

A HTML5 Collection resources for those of you who wish to know more about html5 and wanted to try out the power of html5.

List Of All Jobs in a select box

Today i was working on a registration and i needed a list of all job available for my user to choose. What will most of us do when this happen? Search Google! After that i left with despite because i fail to find such resource. The next terrifying thing most developer look at is the list of job available on Wikipedia (it just keep on going, damnit). Imagining compiling the whole few hundred list of job just to get them into a select box. Well, you don't have to imagine because i already did it. Hence, you get the joy while i do the work. lol~

<select class="select" id="selectbox" name="selectbox">
		<option value="Athlete">Athlete</option>
		<option value="Accountant">Accountant</option>
		<option value="Actor">Actor</option>
		<option value="Actress">Actress</option>
		<option value="Administrator">Administrator</option>
		<option value="Aerospace Engineer">Aerospace Engineer</option>
		<option value="Air Traffic Controller">Air Traffic Controller</option>
		<option value="Ambassador">Ambassador</option>
		<option value="Anesthetist">Anesthetist</option>
		<option value="Anchorman">Anchorman</option>
		<option value="Animator">Animator</option>
		<option value="Animal trainer">Animal trainer</option>
		<option value="Archaeologist">Archaeologist</option>
		<option value="Architect">Architect</option>
		<option value="Artist">Artist</option>
		<option value="Astronaut">Astronaut</option>
		<option value="Astronomer">Astronomer</option>
		<option value="Athletic trainer">Athletic trainer</option>
		<option value="Attorney">Attorney</option>
		<option value="Author">Author</option>
		<option value="Army">Army</option>
		<option value="Brain Surgeon">Brain Surgeon</option>
		<option value="Baker">Baker</option>
		<option value="Bank teller">Bank teller</option>
		<option value="Banker">Banker</option>
		<option value="Barber">Barber</option>
		<option value="Barista">Barista</option>
		<option value="Barrister">Barrister</option>
		<option value="Bartender">Bartender</option>
		<option value="Babysitter">Babysitter</option>
		<option value="Beauty queen">Beauty queen</option>
		<option value="Beauty therapist">Beauty therapist</option>
		<option value="Beekeeper">Beekeeper</option>
		<option value="Blacksmith">Blacksmith</option>
		<option value="Boilermaker">Boilermaker</option>
		<option value="Bookkeeper">Bookkeeper</option>
		<option value="Bookseller">Bookseller</option>
		<option value="Brewer">Brewer</option>
		<option value="Butcher">Butcher</option>
		<option value="Butler">Butler</option>
		<option value="Builder">Builder</option>
		<option value="Cab driver">Cab driver</option>
		<option value="Calligrapher">Calligrapher</option>
		<option value="Cameraman">Cameraman</option>
		<option value="Car designer">Car designer</option>
		<option value="Cardiologist">Cardiologist</option>
		<option value="Carpenter">Carpenter</option>
		<option value="Cartoonist">Cartoonist</option>
		<option value="Cartographer">Cartographer</option>
		<option value="Cashier">Cashier</option>
		<option value="Cellist">Cellist</option>
		<option value="Chess player">Chess player</option>
		<option value="CIO (Chief Information Officer)">CIO (Chief Information Officer)</option>
		<option value="CEO (Chief Executive Officer)">CEO (Chief Executive Officer)</option>
		<option value="CTO (Chief Technology Officer)">CTO (Chief Technology Officer)</option>
		<option value="CFO (Chief Financial Officer)">CFO (Chief Financial Officer)</option>
		<option value="Chauffeur">Chauffeur</option>
		<option value="Cheesemaker">Cheesemaker</option>
		<option value="Cook)">Cook)</option>
		<option value="Chemist">Chemist</option>
		<option value="Chief of police">Chief of police</option>
		<option value="Chimney sweep">Chimney sweep</option>
		<option value="Civil servant">Civil servant</option>
		<option value="Civil engineer">Civil engineer</option>
		<option value="Clarinetist">Clarinetist</option>
		<option value="Cleaner">Cleaner</option>
		<option value="Clerk">Clerk</option>
		<option value="Clockmaker">Clockmaker</option>
		<option value="Coach">Coach</option>
		<option value="Coachman">Coachman</option>
		<option value="Coast guard">Coast guard</option>
		<option value="Cobbler">Cobbler</option>
		<option value="Columnist">Columnist</option>
		<option value="Comedian">Comedian</option>
		<option value="Company Secretary">Company Secretary</option>
		<option value="Compasssmith">Compasssmith</option>
		<option value="Composer">Composer</option>
		<option value="Computer programmer">Computer programmer</option>
		<option value="Conductor (music)">Conductor (music)</option>
		<option value="Construction engineer">Construction engineer</option>
		<option value="Construction worker">Construction worker</option>
		<option value="Consul">Consul</option>
		<option value="Consultant">Consultant</option>
		<option value="Contractor, general">Contractor, general</option>
		<option value="Coroner">Coroner</option>
		<option value="Corrector">Corrector</option>
		<option value="Cosmonaut">Cosmonaut</option>
		<option value="Costume Designer">Costume Designer</option>
		<option value="Courier">Courier</option>
		<option value="Cryptographer">Cryptographer</option>
		<option value="Currier">Currier</option>
		<option value="Customs officer">Customs officer</option>
		<option value="Dancer">Dancer</option>
		<option value="Dentist">Dentist</option>
		<option value="Deputy (law enforcement)">Deputy (law enforcement)</option>
		<option value="Dermatologist">Dermatologist</option>
		<option value="Designer/Developer">Designer/Developer</option>
		<option value="Detective">Detective</option>
		<option value="Dictator">Dictator</option>
		<option value="Disc jockey">Disc jockey</option>
		<option value="Diver">Diver</option>
		<option value="Doctor">Doctor</option>
		<option value="Dog walker">Dog walker</option>
		<option value="Doorman">Doorman</option>
		<option value="Dressmaker">Dressmaker</option>
		<option value="Ecologist">Ecologist</option>
		<option value="Economist">Economist</option>
		<option value="Editor">Editor</option>
		<option value="Electrical engineer">Electrical engineer</option>
		<option value="Electrician">Electrician</option>
		<option value="Elevator mechanic">Elevator mechanic</option>
		<option value="Engineer">Engineer</option>
		<option value="Engraver">Engraver</option>
		<option value="Entrepreneur">Entrepreneur</option>
		<option value="Environmental scientist">Environmental scientist</option>
		<option value="Executive manager">Executive manager</option>
		<option value="Exterminator">Exterminator</option>
		<option value="Falconer">Falconer</option>
		<option value="Farmer">Farmer</option>
		<option value="Farrier">Farrier</option>
		<option value="Fashion designer">Fashion designer</option>
		<option value="FBI Agent">FBI Agent</option>
		<option value="Film director">Film director</option>
		<option value="Film producer">Film producer</option>
		<option value="Financial adviser">Financial adviser</option>
		<option value="Fire marshal">Fire marshal</option>
		<option value="Fire Safety Officer">Fire Safety Officer</option>
		<option value="Firefighter">Firefighter</option>
		<option value="First Mate">First Mate</option>
		<option value="Fishmonger">Fishmonger</option>
		<option value="Fisherman">Fisherman</option>
		<option value="Fitter">Fitter</option>
		<option value="Flavorist">Flavorist</option>
		<option value="Fletcher">Fletcher</option>
		<option value="Flight attendant">Flight attendant</option>
		<option value="Flight instructor">Flight instructor</option>
		<option value="Florist">Florist</option>
		<option value="Flutist">Flutist</option>
		<option value="Food critic">Food critic</option>
		<option value="Footballer">Footballer</option>
		<option value="Forester">Forester</option>
		<option value="Fortune teller">Fortune teller</option>
		<option value="Funeral Director">Funeral Director</option>
		<option value="Gamekeeper">Gamekeeper</option>
		<option value="Game designer">Game designer</option>
		<option value="Gardener">Gardener</option>
		<option value="Gemcutter">Gemcutter</option>
		<option value="Genealogist">Genealogist</option>
		<option value="General">General</option>
		<option value="Geologist">Geologist</option>
		<option value="Goldsmith">Goldsmith</option>
		<option value="Government agent">Government agent</option>
		<option value="Governor">Governor</option>
		<option value="Graphic Designer">Graphic Designer</option>
		<option value="Gravedigger">Gravedigger</option>
		<option value="Greengrocer">Greengrocer</option>
		<option value="Grocer">Grocer</option>
		<option value="Guide">Guide</option>
		<option value="Guitarist">Guitarist</option>
		<option value="Gunsmith">Gunsmith</option>
		<option value="Harpist">Harpist</option>
		<option value="Handyman">Handyman</option>
		<option value="Hairdresser">Hairdresser</option>
		<option value="Harbourmaster">Harbourmaster</option>
		<option value="Harper">Harper</option>
		<option value="Hatter">Hatter</option>
		<option value="Historian">Historian</option>
		<option value="Homeopath">Homeopath</option>
		<option value="Hotel manager">Hotel manager</option>
		<option value="Housekeeper">Housekeeper</option>
		<option value="Hairstylist">Hairstylist</option>
		<option value="Human Resource Manager">Human Resource Manager</option>
		<option value="Human Resource Assistant">Human Resource Assistant</option>
		<option value="Illuminator">Illuminator</option>
		<option value="Illusionist">Illusionist</option>
		<option value="Illustrator">Illustrator</option>
		<option value="Importer">Importer</option>
		<option value="Industrial engineer">Industrial engineer</option>
		<option value="Industrialist">Industrialist</option>
		<option value="Information Technologist">Information Technologist</option>
		<option value="Information Designer">Information Designer</option>
		<option value="Inker">Inker</option>
		<option value="Innkeeper">Innkeeper</option>
		<option value="Instructor">Instructor</option>
		<option value="Interior designer">Interior designer</option>
		<option value="Interpreter">Interpreter</option>
		<option value="Interrogator">Interrogator</option>
		<option value="Inventor">Inventor</option>
		<option value="disambiguation needed">disambiguation needed</option>
		<option value="Investment banker">Investment banker</option>
		<option value="Investment broker">Investment broker</option>
		<option value="Ironmonger">Ironmonger</option>
		<option value="Ironmaster">Ironmaster</option>
		<option value="Ironworker">Ironworker</option>
		<option value="Jailer">Jailer</option>
		<option value="Janitor">Janitor</option>
		<option value="Jeweller">Jeweller</option>
		<option value="Journalist">Journalist</option>
		<option value="Jurist">Jurist</option>
		<option value="Judge">Judge</option>
		<option value="Jockey">Jockey</option>
		<option value="Joggler">Joggler</option>
		<option value="Karate master">Karate master</option>
		<option value="Kinesiologist">Kinesiologist</option>
		<option value="Laborer">Laborer</option>
		<option value="Landlady)">Landlady)</option>
		<option value="Lavendar)">Lavendar)</option>
		<option value="Law enforcement agent">Law enforcement agent</option>
		<option value="Lawyer">Lawyer</option>
		<option value="Leadworker">Leadworker</option>
		<option value="Leatherer">Leatherer</option>
		<option value="Leather worker">Leather worker</option>
		<option value="Lecturer">Lecturer</option>
		<option value="Level designer (also Mapper)">Level designer (also Mapper)</option>
		<option value="Librarianship">Librarianship</option>
		<option value="Librettist">Librettist</option>
		<option value="Lifeguard">Lifeguard</option>
		<option value="Lighthouse keeper">Lighthouse keeper</option>
		<option value="Lighting technician">Lighting technician</option>
		<option value="Lineman">Lineman</option>
		<option value="Linguist">Linguist</option>
		<option value="Loan officer">Loan officer</option>
		<option value="Lobbyist">Lobbyist</option>
		<option value="Locksmith">Locksmith</option>
		<option value="Lumberjack">Lumberjack</option>
		<option value="Lyricist">Lyricist</option>
		<option value="Magistrate">Magistrate</option>
		<option value="Magnate">Magnate</option>
		<option value="Maid">Maid</option>
		<option value="Mailman or Mail carrier">Mailman or Mail carrier</option>
		<option value="Make-up artist">Make-up artist</option>
		<option value="Management consultant">Management consultant</option>
		<option value="Manager">Manager</option>
		<option value="Manicurist">Manicurist</option>
		<option value="Manufacturer">Manufacturer</option>
		<option value="Marine">Marine</option>
		<option value="Marine biologist">Marine biologist</option>
		<option value="Market gardener">Market gardener</option>
		<option value="Martial artist">Martial artist</option>
		<option value="Mason">Mason</option>
		<option value="Master of business administration">Master of business administration</option>
		<option value="MC)">MC)</option>
		<option value="masseur)">masseur)</option>
		<option value="Matador">Matador</option>
		<option value="Mathematician">Mathematician</option>
		<option value="Mechanic">Mechanic</option>
		<option value="Mechanical Engineer">Mechanical Engineer</option>
		<option value="Mechanician">Mechanician</option>
		<option value="Mediator">Mediator</option>
		<option value="Medic">Medic</option>
		<option value="Medical biller">Medical biller</option>
		<option value="Medical Transcriptionist">Medical Transcriptionist</option>
		<option value="Mesmerist">Mesmerist</option>
		<option value="Messenger">Messenger</option>
		<option value="Mid-wife">Mid-wife</option>
		<option value="Milkmaid)">Milkmaid)</option>
		<option value="Miller">Miller</option>
		<option value="Miner">Miner</option>
		<option value="Missionary">Missionary</option>
		<option value="Model">Model</option>
		<option value="Modeller">Modeller</option>
		<option value="Moneychanger">Moneychanger</option>
		<option value="Moneylender">Moneylender</option>
		<option value="Monk">Monk</option>
		<option value="Mortgage broker">Mortgage broker</option>
		<option value="Mountaineer">Mountaineer</option>
		<option value="Muralist">Muralist</option>
		<option value="Musician">Musician</option>
		<option value="Navigator">Navigator</option>
		<option value="N??gociant">N??gociant</option>
		<option value="Negotiator">Negotiator</option>
		<option value="Netmaker">Netmaker</option>
		<option value="Neurologist">Neurologist</option>
		<option value="Newscaster">Newscaster</option>
		<option value="Night auditor">Night auditor</option>
		<option value="Nightwatchmen">Nightwatchmen</option>
		<option value="Notary">Notary</option>
		<option value="Novelist">Novelist</option>
		<option value="Numerologist">Numerologist</option>
		<option value="Numismatist">Numismatist</option>
		<option value="Nun">Nun</option>
		<option value="Nursemaid">Nursemaid</option>
		<option value="Nurse">Nurse</option>
		<option value="Nutritionist">Nutritionist</option>
		<option value="Oboist">Oboist</option>
		<option value="Obstetrician">Obstetrician</option>
		<option value="Occupational therapist">Occupational therapist</option>
		<option value="Odontologist">Odontologist</option>
		<option value="Oncologist">Oncologist</option>
		<option value="Ontologist">Ontologist</option>
		<option value="Operator">Operator</option>
		<option value="Ophthalmologist">Ophthalmologist</option>
		<option value="Optometrist)">Optometrist)</option>
		<option value="Oracle">Oracle</option>
		<option value="Ordinary Seaman">Ordinary Seaman</option>
		<option value="disambiguation needed">disambiguation needed</option>
		<option value="Orthodontist">Orthodontist</option>
		<option value="Ornithologist">Ornithologist</option>
		<option value="Ostler">Ostler</option>
		<option value="Otorhinolaryngologist">Otorhinolaryngologist</option>
		<option value="Optometrist">Optometrist</option>
		<option value="Ocularist">Ocularist</option>
		<option value="Opthamologist">Opthamologist</option>
		<option value="Painter">Painter</option>
		<option value="Paleontologist">Paleontologist</option>
		<option value="Paralegal">Paralegal</option>
		<option value="Paramedic">Paramedic</option>
		<option value="Park ranger">Park ranger</option>
		<option value="Parole Officer">Parole Officer</option>
		<option value="Pastor">Pastor</option>
		<option value="Patent attorney">Patent attorney</option>
		<option value="Patent examiner">Patent examiner</option>
		<option value="Pathologist">Pathologist</option>
		<option value="Pawnbroker">Pawnbroker</option>
		<option value="Peddler">Peddler</option>
		<option value="Pediatrician">Pediatrician</option>
		<option value="Pedologist (soil)">Pedologist (soil)</option>
		<option value="Percussionist">Percussionist</option>
		<option value="Perfumer">Perfumer</option>
		<option value="Personal Trainer">Personal Trainer</option>
		<option value="Pharmacist">Pharmacist</option>
		<option value="Philanthropist">Philanthropist</option>
		<option value="Philologist">Philologist</option>
		<option value="Philosopher">Philosopher</option>
		<option value="Photographer">Photographer</option>
		<option value="Photo Specialist">Photo Specialist</option>
		<option value="Physical Therapist">Physical Therapist</option>
		<option value="Physician">Physician</option>
		<option value="Physician Assistant">Physician Assistant</option>
		<option value="Physicist">Physicist</option>
		<option value="Physiognomist">Physiognomist</option>
		<option value="Physiotherapist">Physiotherapist</option>
		<option value="Pianist">Pianist</option>
		<option value="Piano tuner">Piano tuner</option>
		<option value="Pilot (shipping)">Pilot (shipping)</option>
		<option value="Pilot (aviation)">Pilot (aviation)</option>
		<option value="Pirate">Pirate</option>
		<option value="Plumber">Plumber</option>
		<option value="Podiatrist">Podiatrist</option>
		<option value="Poet">Poet</option>
		<option value="Police inspector">Police inspector</option>
		<option value="Politician">Politician</option>
		<option value="disambiguation needed">disambiguation needed</option>
		<option value="Presenter">Presenter</option>
		<option value="President">President</option>
		<option value="Press officer">Press officer</option>
		<option value="Priest">Priest</option>
		<option value="Princess">Princess</option>
		<option value="Principal">Principal</option>
		<option value="Printer">Printer</option>
		<option value="Private detective">Private detective</option>
		<option value="Probation Officer">Probation Officer</option>
		<option value="Proctologist">Proctologist</option>
		<option value="Product designer">Product designer</option>
		<option value="Professor">Professor</option>
		<option value="Professional dominant">Professional dominant</option>
		<option value="Programmer">Programmer</option>
		<option value="Project Manager">Project Manager</option>
		<option value="Proofreader">Proofreader</option>
		<option value="Psychiatrist">Psychiatrist</option>
		<option value="Psychodramatist">Psychodramatist</option>
		<option value="Psychologist">Psychologist</option>
		<option value="Public Relations Officer">Public Relations Officer</option>
		<option value="Public speaker">Public speaker</option>
		<option value="Publisher">Publisher</option>
		<option value="Porn star">Porn star</option>
		<option value="Queen consort">Queen consort</option>
		<option value="Queen regnant">Queen regnant</option>
		<option value="Quilter">Quilter</option>
		<option value="Radiologist">Radiologist</option>
		<option value="Radiographer">Radiographer</option>
		<option value="Real estate broker">Real estate broker</option>
		<option value="Real estate investor">Real estate investor</option>
		<option value="Real estate developer">Real estate developer</option>
		<option value="Receptionist">Receptionist</option>
		<option value="Record Producer">Record Producer</option>
		<option value="Referee">Referee</option>
		<option value="Refuse collector">Refuse collector</option>
		<option value="Registrar">Registrar</option>
		<option value="Reporter">Reporter</option>
		<option value="Researcher">Researcher</option>
		<option value="Respiratory Therapist">Respiratory Therapist</option>
		<option value="Restaurateur">Restaurateur</option>
		<option value="Retailer">Retailer</option>
		<option value="Rubbish Collector">Rubbish Collector</option>
		<option value="Sailmaker">Sailmaker</option>
		<option value="Sailor">Sailor</option>
		<option value="Salesmen">Salesmen</option>
		<option value="Sanitation worker">Sanitation worker</option>
		<option value="Saucier">Saucier</option>
		<option value="Saxophonist">Saxophonist</option>
		<option value="disambiguation needed">disambiguation needed</option>
		<option value="Scientist">Scientist</option>
		<option value="School superintendent">School superintendent</option>
		<option value="Scout">Scout</option>
		<option value="Screenwriter">Screenwriter</option>
		<option value="Scrivener)">Scrivener)</option>
		<option value="Seamstress">Seamstress</option>
		<option value="Second Mate">Second Mate</option>
		<option value="Secret service agent">Secret service agent</option>
		<option value="Secretary general">Secretary general</option>
		<option value="Security guard">Security guard</option>
		<option value="Senator">Senator</option>
		<option value="SEO (search engine optimizer)">SEO (search engine optimizer)</option>
		<option value="Sexton">Sexton</option>
		<option value="Sheepshearer">Sheepshearer</option>
		<option value="Sheriff">Sheriff</option>
		<option value="Sheriff officer">Sheriff officer</option>
		<option value="Shoemaker">Shoemaker</option>
		<option value="Shop assistant">Shop assistant</option>
		<option value="Singer">Singer</option>
		<option value="Skydiver">Skydiver</option>
		<option value="Sleeper">Sleeper</option>
		<option value="Sleuth">Sleuth</option>
		<option value="Social worker">Social worker</option>
		<option value="Socialite">Socialite</option>
		<option value="Software engineer">Software engineer</option>
		<option value="Soil scientist">Soil scientist</option>
		<option value="Soldier">Soldier</option>
		<option value="Solicitor">Solicitor</option>
		<option value="Sommelier">Sommelier</option>
		<option value="Sonographer">Sonographer</option>
		<option value="Sound Engineer">Sound Engineer</option>
		<option value="Special agent">Special agent</option>
		<option value="Speech therapist">Speech therapist</option>
		<option value="Sportsman">Sportsman</option>
		<option value="Spy">Spy</option>
		<option value="Statistician">Statistician</option>
		<option value="Street artist">Street artist</option>
		<option value="Street musician">Street musician</option>
		<option value="Stevedore">Stevedore</option>
		<option value="Street sweeper">Street sweeper</option>
		<option value="Street vendor">Street vendor</option>
		<option value="Structural engineers">Structural engineers</option>
		<option value="Stunt double">Stunt double</option>
		<option value="Stunt performer">Stunt performer</option>
		<option value="Surgeon">Surgeon</option>
		<option value="Supervisor">Supervisor</option>
		<option value="Surveyor">Surveyor</option>
		<option value="Swimmer">Swimmer</option>
		<option value="Switchboard operator">Switchboard operator</option>
		<option value="System administrator">System administrator</option>
		<option value="Systems analyst">Systems analyst</option>
		<option value="Student">Student</option>
		<option value="Tailor">Tailor</option>
		<option value="Tanner">Tanner</option>
		<option value="Tapester)">Tapester)</option>
		<option value="Tax Collector">Tax Collector</option>
		<option value="Tax Lawyer">Tax Lawyer</option>
		<option value="Taxidermist">Taxidermist</option>
		<option value="Taxicab driver">Taxicab driver</option>
		<option value="Taxonomist">Taxonomist</option>
		<option value="Tea lady">Tea lady</option>
		<option value="Teacher">Teacher</option>
		<option value="Technician">Technician</option>
		<option value="Technologist">Technologist</option>
		<option value="Technical Writer">Technical Writer</option>
		<option value="Telegraph operator)">Telegraph operator)</option>
		<option value="Telephone operator">Telephone operator</option>
		<option value="Tennis player">Tennis player</option>
		<option value="Test developer">Test developer</option>
		<option value="Test pilot">Test pilot</option>
		<option value="Torchwood Officer">Torchwood Officer</option>
		<option value="Thatcher">Thatcher</option>
		<option value="Theatre director">Theatre director</option>
		<option value="Therapist">Therapist</option>
		<option value="Thimbler">Thimbler</option>
		<option value="Tiler">Tiler</option>
		<option value="Toolmaker">Toolmaker</option>
		<option value="Trademark attorney">Trademark attorney</option>
		<option value="Trader">Trader</option>
		<option value="Tradesman">Tradesman</option>
		<option value="Trainer (business)">Trainer (business)</option>
		<option value="Transit planner">Transit planner</option>
		<option value="Translator">Translator</option>
		<option value="Treasurer">Treasurer</option>
		<option value="Truck Driver">Truck Driver</option>
		<option value="Turner">Turner</option>
		<option value="Tutor">Tutor</option>
		<option value="Tyler">Tyler</option>
		<option value="Typist">Typist</option>
		<option value="Undertaker">Undertaker</option>
		<option value="Ufologist">Ufologist</option>
		<option value="Undercover agent">Undercover agent</option>
		<option value="Underwriter">Underwriter</option>
		<option value="Upholsterer">Upholsterer</option>
		<option value="Urologist">Urologist</option>
		<option value="Usher">Usher</option>
		<option value="Underwear model">Underwear model</option>
		<option value="Valet">Valet</option>
		<option value="Verger">Verger</option>
		<option value="Veterinarian">Veterinarian</option>
		<option value="Vibraphonist">Vibraphonist</option>
		<option value="Vicar">Vicar</option>
		<option value="Video editor">Video editor</option>
		<option value="Video game developer">Video game developer</option>
		<option value="Vintner">Vintner</option>
		<option value="Violinist">Violinist</option>
		<option value="Violist">Violist</option>
		<option value="Voice Actor">Voice Actor</option>
		<option value="Waitress)">Waitress)</option>
		<option value="disambiguation needed">disambiguation needed</option>
		<option value="Watchmaker">Watchmaker</option>
		<option value="Weaponsmith">Weaponsmith</option>
		<option value="Weatherman">Weatherman</option>
		<option value="Weaver">Weaver</option>
		<option value="Web designer">Web designer</option>
		<option value="Web developer">Web developer</option>
		<option value="Wedding Planner">Wedding Planner</option>
		<option value="Welder">Welder</option>
		<option value="Wet nurse">Wet nurse</option>
		<option value="Woodcarver">Woodcarver</option>
		<option value="Wood cutter">Wood cutter</option>
		<option value="Wrangler">Wrangler</option>
		<option value="Winemaker">Winemaker</option>
		<option value="Writer">Writer</option>
		<option value="Xylophonist">Xylophonist</option>
		<option value="Yodeler">Yodeler</option>
		<option value="Zookeeper">Zookeeper</option>
		<option value="Zoologist">Zoologist</option>

Enjoy 🙂


I notice the above is pretty hard to find which has been previously selected by the user. Hence, i place them into an array and put it up here hopefully someone will find it useful for a list of all jobs in a php array 🙂

<select class="select" id="user_job" name="user_job">
		<option value=""> - Job - </option>
			$loop = array('Athlete',		'Accountant',		'Actor',		'Actress',		'Administrator',		'Aerospace Engineer',		'Air Traffic Controller',		'Ambassador',		'Anesthetist',		'Anchorman',		'Animator',		'Animal trainer',		'Archaeologist',		'Architect',		'Artist',		'Astronaut',		'Astronomer',		'Athletic trainer',		'Attorney',		'Author',		'Army',		'Brain Surgeon',		'Baker',		'Bank teller',		'Banker',		'Barber',		'Barista',		'Barrister',		'Bartender',		'Babysitter',		'Beauty queen',		'Beauty therapist',		'Beekeeper',		'Blacksmith',		'Boilermaker',		'Bookkeeper',		'Bookseller',		'Brewer',		'Butcher',		'Butler',		'Builder',		'Cab driver',		'Calligrapher',		'Cameraman',		'Car designer',		'Cardiologist',		'Carpenter',		'Cartoonist',		'Cartographer',		'Cashier',		'Cellist',		'Chess player',		'CIO (Chief Information Officer)',		'CEO (Chief Executive Officer)',		'CTO (Chief Technology Officer)',		'CFO (Chief Financial Officer)',		'Chauffeur',		'Cheesemaker',		'Cook)',		'Chemist',		'Chief of police',		'Chimney sweep',		'Civil servant',		'Civil engineer',		'Clarinetist',		'Cleaner',		'Clerk',		'Clockmaker',		'Coach',		'Coachman',		'Coast guard',		'Cobbler',		'Columnist',		'Comedian',		'Company Secretary',		'Compasssmith',		'Composer',		'Computer programmer',		'Conductor (music)',		'Construction engineer',		'Construction worker',		'Consul',		'Consultant',		'Contractor, general',		'Coroner',		'Corrector',		'Cosmonaut',		'Costume Designer',		'Courier',		'Cryptographer',		'Currier',		'Customs officer',		'Dancer',		'Dentist',		'Deputy (law enforcement)',		'Dermatologist',		'Designer/Developer',		'Detective',		'Dictator',		'Disc jockey',		'Diver',		'Doctor',		'Dog walker',		'Doorman',		'Dressmaker',		'Ecologist',		'Economist',		'Editor',		'Electrical engineer',		'Electrician',		'Elevator mechanic',		'Engineer',		'Engraver',		'Entrepreneur',		'Environmental scientist',		'Executive manager',		'Exterminator',		'Falconer',		'Farmer',		'Farrier',		'Fashion designer',		'FBI Agent',		'Film director',		'Film producer',		'Financial adviser',		'Fire marshal',		'Fire Safety Officer',		'Firefighter',		'First Mate',		'Fishmonger',		'Fisherman',		'Fitter',		'Flavorist',		'Fletcher',		'Flight attendant',		'Flight instructor',		'Florist',		'Flutist',		'Food critic',		'Footballer',		'Forester',		'Fortune teller',		'Funeral Director',		'Gamekeeper',		'Game designer',		'Gardener',		'Gemcutter',		'Genealogist',		'General',		'Geologist',		'Goldsmith',		'Government agent',		'Governor',		'Graphic Designer',		'Gravedigger',		'Greengrocer',		'Grocer',		'Guide',		'Guitarist',		'Gunsmith',		'Harpist',		'Handyman',		'Hairdresser',		'Harbourmaster',		'Harper',		'Hatter',		'Historian',		'Homeopath',		'Hotel manager',		'Housekeeper',		'Hairstylist',		'Human Resource Manager',		'Human Resource Assistant',		'Illuminator',		'Illusionist',		'Illustrator',		'Importer',		'Industrial engineer',		'Industrialist',		'Information Technologist',		'Information Designer',		'Inker',		'Innkeeper',		'Instructor',		'Interior designer',		'Interpreter',		'Interrogator',		'Inventor',		'disambiguation needed',		'Investment banker',		'Investment broker',		'Ironmonger',		'Ironmaster',		'Ironworker',		'Jailer',		'Janitor',		'Jeweller',		'Journalist',		'Jurist',		'Judge',		'Jockey',		'Joggler',		'Karate master',		'Kinesiologist',		'Laborer',		'Landlady)',		'Lavendar)',		'Law enforcement agent',		'Lawyer',		'Leadworker',		'Leatherer',		'Leather worker',		'Lecturer',		'Level designer (also Mapper)',		'Librarianship',		'Librettist',		'Lifeguard',		'Lighthouse keeper',		'Lighting technician',		'Lineman',		'Linguist',		'Loan officer',		'Lobbyist',		'Locksmith',		'Lumberjack',		'Lyricist',		'Magistrate',		'Magnate',		'Maid',		'Mailman or Mail carrier',		'Make-up artist',		'Management consultant',		'Manager',		'Manicurist',		'Manufacturer',		'Marine',		'Marine biologist',		'Market gardener',		'Martial artist',		'Mason',		'Master of business administration',		'MC)',		'masseur)',		'Matador',		'Mathematician',		'Mechanic',		'Mechanical Engineer',		'Mechanician',		'Mediator',		'Medic',		'Medical biller',		'Medical Transcriptionist',		'Mesmerist',		'Messenger',		'Mid-wife',		'Milkmaid)',		'Miller',		'Miner',		'Missionary',		'Model',		'Modeller',		'Moneychanger',		'Moneylender',		'Monk',		'Mortgage broker',		'Mountaineer',		'Muralist',		'Musician',		'Navigator',		'N??gociant',		'Negotiator',		'Netmaker',		'Neurologist',		'Newscaster',		'Night auditor',		'Nightwatchmen',		'Notary',		'Novelist',		'Numerologist',		'Numismatist',		'Nun',		'Nursemaid',		'Nurse',		'Nutritionist',		'Oboist',		'Obstetrician',		'Occupational therapist',		'Odontologist',		'Oncologist',		'Ontologist',		'Operator',		'Ophthalmologist',		'Optometrist)',		'Oracle',		'Ordinary Seaman',		'disambiguation needed',		'Orthodontist',		'Ornithologist',		'Ostler',		'Otorhinolaryngologist',		'Optometrist',		'Ocularist',		'Opthamologist',		'Painter',		'Paleontologist',		'Paralegal',		'Paramedic',		'Park ranger',		'Parole Officer',		'Pastor',		'Patent attorney',		'Patent examiner',		'Pathologist',		'Pawnbroker',		'Peddler',		'Pediatrician',		'Pedologist (soil)',		'Percussionist',		'Perfumer',		'Personal Trainer',		'Pharmacist',		'Philanthropist',		'Philologist',		'Philosopher',		'Photographer',		'Photo Specialist',		'Physical Therapist',		'Physician',		'Physician Assistant',		'Physicist',		'Physiognomist',		'Physiotherapist',		'Pianist',		'Piano tuner',		'Pilot (shipping)',		'Pilot (aviation)',		'Pirate',		'Plumber',		'Podiatrist',		'Poet',		'Police inspector',		'Politician',		'disambiguation needed',		'Presenter',		'President',		'Press officer',		'Priest',		'Princess',		'Principal',		'Printer',		'Private detective',		'Probation Officer',		'Proctologist',		'Product designer',		'Professor',		'Professional dominant',		'Programmer',		'Project Manager',		'Proofreader',		'Psychiatrist',		'Psychodramatist',		'Psychologist',		'Public Relations Officer',		'Public speaker',		'Publisher',		'Porn star',		'Queen consort',		'Queen regnant',		'Quilter',		'Radiologist',		'Radiographer',		'Real estate broker',		'Real estate investor',		'Real estate developer',		'Receptionist',		'Record Producer',		'Referee',		'Refuse collector',		'Registrar',		'Reporter',		'Researcher',		'Respiratory Therapist',		'Restaurateur',		'Retailer',		'Rubbish Collector',		'Sailmaker',		'Sailor',		'Salesmen',		'Sanitation worker',		'Saucier',		'Saxophonist',		'disambiguation needed',		'Scientist',		'School superintendent',		'Scout',		'Screenwriter',		'Scrivener)',		'Seamstress',		'Second Mate',		'Secret service agent',		'Secretary general',		'Security guard',		'Senator',		'SEO (search engine optimizer)',		'Sexton',		'Sheepshearer',		'Sheriff',		'Sheriff officer',		'Shoemaker',		'Shop assistant',		'Singer',		'Skydiver',		'Sleeper',		'Sleuth',		'Social worker',		'Socialite',		'Software engineer',		'Soil scientist',		'Soldier',		'Solicitor',		'Sommelier',		'Sonographer',		'Sound Engineer',		'Special agent',		'Speech therapist',		'Sportsman',		'Spy',		'Statistician',		'Street artist',		'Street musician',		'Stevedore',		'Street sweeper',		'Street vendor',		'Structural engineers',		'Stunt double',		'Stunt performer',		'Surgeon',		'Supervisor',		'Surveyor',		'Swimmer',		'Switchboard operator',		'System administrator',		'Systems analyst',		'Student',		'Tailor',		'Tanner',		'Tapester)',		'Tax Collector',		'Tax Lawyer',		'Taxidermist',		'Taxicab driver',		'Taxonomist',		'Tea lady',		'Teacher',		'Technician',		'Technologist',		'Technical Writer',		'Telegraph operator)',		'Telephone operator',		'Tennis player',		'Test developer',		'Test pilot',		'Torchwood Officer',		'Thatcher',		'Theatre director',		'Therapist',		'Thimbler',		'Tiler',		'Toolmaker',		'Trademark attorney',		'Trader',		'Tradesman',		'Trainer (business)',		'Transit planner',		'Translator',		'Treasurer',		'Truck Driver',		'Turner',		'Tutor',		'Tyler',		'Typist',		'Undertaker',		'Ufologist',		'Undercover agent',		'Underwriter',		'Upholsterer',		'Urologist',		'Usher',		'Underwear model',		'Valet',		'Verger',		'Veterinarian',		'Vibraphonist',		'Vicar',		'Video editor',		'Video game developer',		'Vintner',		'Violinist',		'Violist',		'Voice Actor',		'Waitress)',		'disambiguation needed',		'Watchmaker',		'Weaponsmith',		'Weatherman',		'Weaver',		'Web designer',		'Web developer',		'Wedding Planner',		'Welder',		'Wet nurse',		'Woodcarver',		'Wood cutter',		'Wrangler',		'Winemaker',		'Writer',		'Xylophonist',		'Yodeler',		'Zookeeper',		'Zoologist');
			foreach($loop as $value){
				if($_POST['user_job'] == $value )
				echo '<option value="'.$value.'" selected>'.$value.'</option>';
				echo '<option value="'.$value.'">'.$value.'</option>';

JavaScript Framework Selector Benchmark Tool

Many front-end developers nowadays are all using javascript framework such as jQuery, Dojo, MooTools, Prototype, etc. Most of us will be wondering which framework is more efficient than the other. Mootools brings us a great tool called Slickspeed to benchmark different framework selector performances against each other. You can even download the source code and test it on your own local drive or server. However, i notice that the result was outdated and a new test should be performed. Ever since jQuery new 'Sizzle' selector engine was released on its version 1.3, many people has been asking how much of a performance it has gain. Furthermore, Resig has been inviting other JavaScript frameworks to implementing Sizzle in its codebase and i was left wondering who did implement Sizzle in its codebase. Out of curiosity, i decided to find out.

Looking at how JavaScript frameworks change as time goes, i think it will be good to have a more dynamic benchmark tool. Therefore, using Slickspeed, i modify the source a little to bring you a more dynamic Slickspeed to benchmark your curiosity.

The tool is fairly easy to use. It is exactly the same as Slickspeed with the additional function of 'add' and 'remove' to benchmark future frameworks. The criteria is simple,

  • 'Add' will required the three textbox to be filled
  • 'Remove' will only required the name to be filled.
  • No name should be the same
  • All path can be take from Google Ajax Framework CDN
  • Function is the symbol used for the framework.

Currently, additional selectors can't be added at the moment but might be in the future so that we can perform benchmark on real selector situation with real document. Below is the updated program but the page must be fully loaded before it is ready to use.

You can also access the full screen version of JavaScript framework selector benchmark tool.