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    6 thoughts on “Contact

    1. this is a perfect blog. i learned so many things from this blog. for example:

      i was developing a custom cms, well, i was looking for a sample php code about login security. and i found this perfect blog from google search. there were great informations. this blog helped me so much.

      thank you very much,
      i already added this blog to my favorites.
      i am sending my respects from Turkey.

    2. Regarding

      Thanks for the mysql slug function. Apparently there's a problem when the field in question ends with a number, i.e.

      slugify('test 2') -> test-2

      this makes the last query,

      SELECT COUNT(*) INTO i FROM xxx WHERE SLUG LIKE CONCAT(temp_string, '%')

      producing the same slug.

      Any ideas how to fix this?

    3. Hi Clay,

      I just wanted to thank you deeply for the Jquery tutorial post on how to create popover boxes.

      You have no idea how thankful I am for your code & guidance in that post to replace the less complete popover I used before finding your post.

      I will certainly keep your website saved for if I ever need to outsource a project to an expert like you in the future. Your understanding is very impressive.

      God bless you & wishing you much success.

      Randall Kowalenko

    4. Just FYI, your form doesn't work. It always says that you got the answer wrong. I'm pretty sure 181 + 8 is 189. 🙂

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