Setup HA + Floating IP + BGP on Vultr on Ubuntu 17.10

ok, recently i am trying to setup a low cost HA on the cloud. And i decide to go with Vultr since they provide $2.5 machine for me to test and play around (although i can only spam 2 of such machine) Here i will drop down how i did it so i won't forget and you can copy it if you want.

328 Lines of WordPress Ping List for fastest indexing of new post for 2015

Wondering how each website gets their website indexed by Google and other search engine quick and fast? In WordPress, all you need to do is to place these WordPress ping list to the Settings->Writing->Update Services as shown below,

Facebook – permission is reserved for apps that replicate the Facebook client on platforms without a native client

If you are getting an error from Facebook when applying for extended permission such as "user_groups" and u get the following error

Average website response time bash script

Ok i make a little bash script to test a particular website response time. This is done via the command line through a bash script. Anyway, here's the script code.

(#100) The status you are trying to publish is a duplicate of, or too similar to, one that we recently posted to Twitter

This is the solutions to everyone out there that faces this error message. the solutions is copied from here