List Of All Jobs in a select box

Today i was working on a registration and i needed a list of all job available for my user to choose. What will most of us do when this happen? Search Google! After that i left with despite because i fail to find such resource. The next terrifying thing most developer look at is the list of job available on Wikipedia (it just keep on going, damnit). Imagining compiling the whole few hundred list of job just to get them into a select box. Well, you don't have to imagine because i already did it. Hence, you get the joy while i do the work. lol~

3 thoughts on “List Of All Jobs in a select box

  1. Wouldn't it be better to have it as a database table, or at least in some txt file and than dynamically generate the list?

  2. @W: I won't want the extra work done and its true that the code above is pure HTML so i have also added the PHP array one which many might find it more convenient ( i just found that i don't need this one instead i need the PHP array one lol)

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