Get Tag With Post ID In WordPress

Today i was writing my plugin and required each post tag to be placed into a variable outside of WordPress loop. I have a look at WordPress function reference api and did some Google and surprisingly i couldn't find it. After a long time of digging on Google, i finally found a clue. Apparently, the method get_the_tags takes in a post id! However, if you look at get_the_tags reference page, it doesn't mention at all. Hence, i decides to write it down here to ease people life in the future.

Get Tag In WordPress

Once you get hold of your Post ID you can easily retrieve the tag associated with the post with the following code.

			$postid = $post->ID;

It will return a list of tags. Hope it helps 🙂

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  1. Thanks for posting this - I can never seem to find this function when I need it. It would help if the codex was a little more clear..

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