WooCommerce Email Verification WordPress Code

Ok, i though this will be available since Woocommerce is pretty popular but HOW COME NO ONE ACTUALLY MAKE THIS CODE AND OPEN SOURCE IT?! Holy cow! I search it everywhere and couldn't find WooCommerce verifying user email before allowing the user to access WordPress without verifying whether their email is authentic. In the end i wrote it myself and i'm gonna throw it out for people to use.

Facebook – permission is reserved for apps that replicate the Facebook client on platforms without a native client

If you are getting an error from Facebook when applying for extended permission such as "user_groups" and u get the following error

Iphone/Ipad number format css style change in safari

Here's something interesting yet simple to share for a long time. If you are wondering and debugging countless hours for a very simple thing such as color change on a number format in ipad or iphone, you might just arrived to the correct blog post. We all know that debugging CSS and HTML in ipad or iphone isn't an easy task although we can emulate the environment, there are certain things we cannot emulate such as the behavior of the ipad or iphone OS itself. Interestingly, a client of mine faced such issue with their website where his 'contact' number listed on his website was changed to blue instead of white as declared on the css file when view on ipad or iphone.

25 Google Chrome Extension For Web Developer and Designer

Firefox is really good web development tool for both web developer and designer for many years. However, it is getting slower and utilize a lot of resources which can be as much as 2GB on my laptop which really doesn't seems to justify. The best alternative i am looking at? Chrome. (DEFINITELY NOT IE ! RAGE!) Here are 25 Google Chrome extension that every web developer and designer will definitely be interested to have.

PHP Fastest way to get image width and height

Well, i am currently updating my WordPress plugin. I faced a problem in the past to retrieve image width to determine whether a particular image is require to resize. The problem here is that checking a particular image height and width is expensive job. In order to not impact the loading time of the site using my plugin, i forfeited the capability of resizing and resize the image regardless of the size. The plugin works fine since the resizing is doing it on the fly. However, problems arise when a smaller image is being resize and this is not a desirable result. Therefore, i would like to see whether there is a solution exist that can easily solve my problem.