Facebook – permission is reserved for apps that replicate the Facebook client on platforms without a native client

If you are getting an error from Facebook when applying for extended permission such as "user_groups" and u get the following error

The user_groups permission is reserved for apps that replicate the Facebook client on platforms without a native client. You can find more information here.

chances are you are pretty f**k up by Facebook. What does this means and what the hell is this? Google it around and i couldn't find a solution to this issue but at the end i manage to ask people in the Facebook Developers group and this is what i got.

@Credit to its respective @Andreas Teufel and @Christoph Broeckmann

Christoph Broeckmann If there is a device like say a mobile phone that does not have a native Facebook client, and you want to write one that brings FB functionality to that device, then your app can get that permission. Otherwise, it can’t.
Or to put it short: “Normal” apps will not get that permission granted.


Andreas Teufel ...or a TV, for example.

Putting it in short, if you are getting the error "permission is reserved for apps that replicate the Facebook client on platforms without a native client", the chances of you getting your permission approve because you need it for an app or website are pretty close to never.

This pretty much means that Facebook is trying very hard to protect its data and its platform by restricting your access to their data as much as possible. In that case, i really don't see how and why people will want to create a facebook app when they are kinda restricted in everything. And did you know if you read up their platform policy you'll find pretty interesting stuff to make you stop developing your facebook app almost immediately! Here's a little snippets,

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 5.33.34 PM

well, as you can see, its pretty disappointing looking at how much time you spend building an app with Facebook and get slap on your face when they decides to change their policy to protect their data! Guess, it's time to move on to other platform! ha!

Pushfix for Malaysia Push Notification fix due to Jailbreak?

Well........ I just bought pushfix after a jailbreak attempt for baseband 6.15.00 with firmware v4.3.3. Everything works well. The only problem i left were the push notification not working. Strictly speaking. The push notification on baseband 6.15.00 does work on my Maxis iphone when it is on 3G. However, it will not work when it is on Wifi. Hence, i decided to try fix it using pushfix 2.0 solution. Without thinking much, i took out my credit card and donated USD6 to pushfix.info. Tried their solutions and it doesn't work 🙁

The reason is pretty simple after the purchase. (dumb me) Our carrier in Malaysia does not required any activation and our push notification does not sent through US server. The solution provided by pushfix.info provide you a unique certification and allow your device to push through US server but this is not require and will not work for us. We will need something else in order for our jailbreak iphone to work on baseband 6.15.00 baseband.

In the case where you wish to purchase the solution provided on pushfix.info. Please do not bother if your device do not require you to communicate with a US server (does not require activation). Peace out ~ [DUMB ME T.T]

September 15 UPDATE******************
Although our push notification does not sent through US server. It seems that it is still necessary to have a unique certificate. In my case, my push notification works but you MUST activate the apps once in order for the push notification to work. If the app is closed, it will still work. However, if you iphone went out of battery or you shut the iphone down, you will need to visit the app again for the push notification to work for that particular app. If you do not have this unique certificate, your push notification is permanently dead unless you don't close your app that is. Good luck!

buycpanel.com bad sales services

I am REALLY disappointed today. I contacted buycpanel.com to purchase 3 license to start my web hosting business but was faced with many difficulty from rejecting our company credit card to reject us entirely. I waited for their reply until 4AM when they were trying to process our transaction and finally i went to sleep. The next morning was a total disaster.

Their sales support was helpful at first but after problems occurred, they started to be rude to us see for yourself,

Dear Clay Lua,

Thank you for your e-mail. I am sorry, due to the risk of your order we can only accept a wire transfer for payment:

Send a bank wire transfer accepted both internationally and domestically in the United States:

Intermediary Bank: Wells Fargo Bank Intl Bank Location: San Francisco, CA USA SWIFT: WFBIUS6S Beneficiary Bank: First Internet Bank Beneficiary ABA: //FW074014187 Beneficiary Customer: Control Panel Solutions, Inc. Beneficiary Account Number: 300486017
Highest Regards,

Jeff B
Support Manager


Its very frustrating on my side. Can i use my Mastercard instead or else i would have to travel very far just to purchase through wire transfer.


Dear Clay Lua,

Thank you for your e-mail.
 We cannot accept your order.  Sorry.  Good bye.

Thank You,

Ranae P
BuyCPanel Customer Service
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 877-759-2783
Fax: 877-797-1802

Hi Ranae,

What do you mean by you don't accept our order? Please verify what is going on? Thanks.


hi Ranae ,

On the other hand, why is our credit card being mark as high risk? What is the risk here when we have the money but couldn't purchase? If you would like us to purchase through wire transfer we CAN do that but do you mean that we have to do that every single month? if this is the case, then yes we will move on and purchase from some other people. We have our own servers and contacts from our local datacenter. But i don't understand the problem here. Please advice. Do you need me to call you personally? Thanks.

Lastly, i felt offended and i will definitely file a complain regarding your attitude towards my enquiry on the below statement.

"Thank you for your e-mail.
 We cannot accept your order.  Sorry.  Good bye"

I demand an explanation not a look down statement.


Dear Clay Lua,

Thank you for your e-mail.
 you cannot call our business phone is turned off at night.

 Go ahead and purchase from some other people. The managers decision is final.

Thank You,

Ranae P
BuyCPanel Customer Service
E-Mail: suppor[email protected]
Phone: 877-759-2783
Fax: 877-797-1802

i was shocked and depressed. That's all i can say. USD105 isn't a lot of money to a business and i believe we should at least get a more reasonable sales support since we are the customers and not being treated like this. We were thinking of going with their cpanel admin support as well but looking at their sales support, i guess not. Biggest cpanel reseller doesn't mean you can treat your customer this way. I believe we all have the right to enquiry for a service. If you are dissatisfy with your client enquiring your product, don't answer the support. buycpanel.com is the only exclusive partner of cpanel. Without anywhere to voice out, i decided to write here instead and hopefully people do see what they will be giving to your business. As for us, we move on to purchase directly from cpanel instead.

Review: The Hacker’s Underground Handbook

A couple of days ago I find great hacking (e)book called The Hacker's Underground Handbook, (e)book that comes as an aid for all those that are starting journey to learn how to hack It was made specifically for the beginners who really want to get into hacking and for those of us who began and got lost.

The Hacker's Underground Handbook


This book will guide you in the right direction helping you understand password cracking, phishing, network hacking, wireless hacking, malware, Windows hacking and etc.

I was really surprised how this book laid out the information, presenting it in an easy to read and understandable fashion. In each chapter the author first introduces you to the topic and then shows you a real-world example with step-by-step instructions with images. It makes hacking look so easy!

Once you complete reading this book, the author explains where to go from there and how to keep learning. You will never again be lost and overwhelmed by all the hacking information out there.
If you think this book is something you would be interested in, you can get it here. Hacker's Underground Handbook