getting  infront of json api call

After i migrated a server from apache to docker nginx, i notice that all the request coming from this nginx setup has a  infront that is not visible to the browser but when you do a script call, your script will complain about invalid json format.

Laravel 5 Step by Step Guide to Vagrant Homestead in Mac

Well, if you are looking for a step by step guide but just found the older one, you might be lucky because i have just setup mine with Vagrant Homestead which is most likely what you are looking for as well. In short, the one explain on their official website isn't very clear that i have to get out and read other article just to set this up. So for anyone convenient and for mine as well, i'll just quickly write down what i did and what makes it magically work in this step by step guide.

Woocommerce After Checkout Hook

Here is another Woocommerce hook that i used recently that is directly call after checkout but before an order is made, it is a Woocommerce after checkout hook. In this case, you can add more validation into it to prevent the order from being creating it. To do this, all you need to do is use the hook call 'woocommerce_after_checkout_validation' which gets call after checkout validation is made.

Woocommerce After an Order Before Payment Hook

There are times when you want to do some action like sending the order info to another database or third party integration before payment took place. of course, after payment took place, you might still initial another type of hook which is not explain here, there are tons of them if you google around. However, before a payment is made and after a checkout is place, an order is created. This hook is often ignored and not mention around. And this is the Woocommerce hook i am going to demonstrate here.

2 Woocommerce action hook after an order is made

There are actually two action hook that you can use here which are

Woocommerce hook custom button on admin order page

Another Woocommerce hook that i search high and low for it but in the end dig it out from the source code itself. What happen if you would like to create a custom button on Woocommerce admin order page? Something like the image below?