Disable delete for Woocommerce order

I have some problem recently with Woocommerce order being deleted by Admin and we have no idea who did it. And that annoys me. Hence, i went ahead and disable Woocommerce delete for any order for all users. Pretty much i do not want any delete to happen for any order regardless it is intentionally or accidentally.

Woocommerce After an Order Before Payment Hook

There are times when you want to do some action like sending the order info to another database or third party integration before payment took place. of course, after payment took place, you might still initial another type of hook which is not explain here, there are tons of them if you google around. However, before a payment is made and after a checkout is place, an order is created. This hook is often ignored and not mention around. And this is the Woocommerce hook i am going to demonstrate here.

2 Woocommerce action hook after an order is made

There are actually two action hook that you can use here which are

Empty Woocommerce Cart before adding new item

If you happen to only wants to allow 1 item in your cart and remove all other cart item before adding one, this article might be your saver. Apparently there are a few article that uses a hook call 'woocommerce_add_to_cart' where it 'should' remove the item before adding it. But it doesn't work for newer version of woocommerce. However, there is another hook call 'woocommerce_add_to_cart_validation'. Therefore, if you would like to remove an item before adding a new item into your cart in Woocommerce, you should do something like this.

Woocommerce hook custom button on admin order page

Another Woocommerce hook that i search high and low for it but in the end dig it out from the source code itself. What happen if you would like to create a custom button on Woocommerce admin order page? Something like the image below?

How to find next date removing weekend and public holiday starting from today in PHP

Ok, so here is a snippets of finding out the next business or working day excluding public holiday that i used in a project. Its pretty neat, but holidays date changes every year and each country holiday is different from each other. Therefore, the holidays are being placed in an array instead. Without further ado, here's the snippets.

// get today date
$tmpDate = date('Y-m-d');
// all the holidays
$holidays = array('2015-01-01', '2015-01-02', '2015-02-04', '2015-02-18', '2015-02-19', '2015-02-20', '2015-02-21', '2015-02-22', '2015-02-23', '2015-02-27',
    '2015-02-28', '2015-03-05', '2015-03-08', '2015-03-12', '2015-03-20', '2015-03-21', '2015-03-29', '2015-04-03', '2015-04-04', '2015-04-05',
    '2015-04-06', '2015-04-07', '2015-05-01', '2015-05-03', '2015-05-04', '2015-05-10', '2015-05-11', '2015-05-25', '2015-06-03', '2015-06-19',
    '2015-06-20', '2015-06-21', '2015-06-28', '2015-08-08', '2015-08-20', '2015-08-28', '2015-09-03', '2015-09-23', '2015-09-26', '2015-09-27',
    '2015-09-28', '2015-10-09', '2015-10-10', '2015-10-21', '2015-10-25', '2015-11-12', '2015-11-26', '2015-12-22', '2015-12-25');
// 1 day
$i = 1;
// for the next business day from today
$nextBusinessDay = date('Y-m-d', strtotime($tmpDate.
    ' +'.$i.
    ' Weekday'));
// check whether the date of the business day is in public holiday
while (in_array($nextBusinessDay, $holidays)) {
    // move the business date forward since its a public holiday
    $nextBusinessDay = date('Y-m-d', strtotime($tmpDate.
        ' +'.$i.
        ' Weekday'));

Now, the code above will find the next working day. How about telling me how to find 10 days after the working day? Pretty much the same just repeat the same logic and place it below it,