JavaScript Framework Selector Benchmark Tool

Many front-end developers nowadays are all using javascript framework such as jQuery, Dojo, MooTools, Prototype, etc. Most of us will be wondering which framework is more efficient than the other. Mootools brings us a great tool called Slickspeed to benchmark different framework selector performances against each other. You can even download the source code and test it on your own local drive or server. However, i notice that the result was outdated and a new test should be performed. Ever since jQuery new 'Sizzle' selector engine was released on its version 1.3, many people has been asking how much of a performance it has gain. Furthermore, Resig has been inviting other JavaScript frameworks to implementing Sizzle in its codebase and i was left wondering who did implement Sizzle in its codebase. Out of curiosity, i decided to find out.

Looking at how JavaScript frameworks change as time goes, i think it will be good to have a more dynamic benchmark tool. Therefore, using Slickspeed, i modify the source a little to bring you a more dynamic Slickspeed to benchmark your curiosity.

The tool is fairly easy to use. It is exactly the same as Slickspeed with the additional function of 'add' and 'remove' to benchmark future frameworks. The criteria is simple,

  • 'Add' will required the three textbox to be filled
  • 'Remove' will only required the name to be filled.
  • No name should be the same
  • All path can be take from Google Ajax Framework CDN
  • Function is the symbol used for the framework.

Currently, additional selectors can't be added at the moment but might be in the future so that we can perform benchmark on real selector situation with real document. Below is the updated program but the page must be fully loaded before it is ready to use.

You can also access the full screen version of JavaScript framework selector benchmark tool.