8 jQuery Optimization Tips and Tricks

Its been quite a while since i write anything about jQuery. Furthermore, i have been writing many different optimization articles and jQuery is something that i have not write for quite sometime. Since many uses jQuery quite intensively in either design or application, why don't i give some tips on jQuery too. I think it will be beneficial that such optimization tips can be share and utilize in future application. Therefore, in this article you will see 8 jQuery optimization tips and tricks that might just benefit you during your jQuery coding.

1. Profiling

Once of the most important thing in every optimization, profiling. We can easily perform profiling using firebug. Everyone who is a developer or even designer should be well aware of firebug that could help assist in this task. Profiling allow us to see exactly how many times each function has run and how long does it take. With the help of profiling you will be able to see which function is the bottleneck in your jQuery functions.

2. Benchmarking

Another thing that every optimization will have to come across eventually is benchmarking. In programming, it is very common to use different ways to achieve the same result when we are writing our codes. In order to know which ways give us the best result, benchmarking will be required in order to justify correctly that certain way of achieving the same result is better than the other. Benchmarking across different JavaScript frameworks is the only way we can see which framework run faster than the other in certain ways. Hence, benchmarking is really required in order to justify the efficiency of two or more methods or script.

3. Specific Selector

In jQuery v1.3 below, specific a selector is necessary to optimize jQuery selector speed. A selector that are more specific will result in a faster result found. Hence, an id such as this:

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