Secure File Upload Check List With PHP

Uploading file on your website is a very common thing nowadays. Image, zip and many other common file type are the usual things we want our users to be able to upload. However, potential evil files such as .exe, .php and other script files are those that we wish they can never be able to upload on to our server. And i am sure you are like me who will wonder whether my upload handler is secure enough to prevent attacks from coming in. In this article, i will try to list down most of the secure ways to protect our server and business from these potential threat. On the other hand, feel free to share your experience with the readers and me on the security tips you have.

6 thoughts on “Secure File Upload Check List With PHP

  1. hello, i read your script and i think you can help me on my script in php to mysql am failing to load the script help me solve this problem and i think the script is not collect and when i load it failes to load.

    if(!$cid){echo("ERROR: " .MYSQL_error(). "\n"); }

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