Awesome cPanel Commands

Here are a list of useful commands for everyone under the sun to do their work easily with cPanel

cPanel Resource Usage Stats

To view cPanel’s stats you can run this command via SSH:

How to move all cPanel accounts to new server via command line

This is a short how-to tutorial to migrate or transfer all cPanel accounts from my old 1.5TB server to another new SSD server through command line.

Restart MailScanner in cPanel

Weirdly, this isn't cover so i might as well just write it down here. If you have MailScanner installed on your cPanel, the best thing to do after you've made a changes is to restart the service, but you'll find out that MailScanner isn't around as a service. So to restart cPanel as a services, you'll need to restart via cPanel script

Installing WordPress using cpAddons – You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

I have a problem today using cpAddons to install my WordPress into one of my subdirectory. I receive "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." error upon logging into my WordPress panel. I believe this is not the first time i encounter this problem but this problem only appear if you are not using the default database "wp" as suggested by cpAddons. I google around for a while but didn't get the answer i want or any valuable solution. Hence, i debugged it myself.

Move cpanel mysql to other directory safely

This is also for my personal need in the future whenever i setup a cpanel server for my TWOPIZ HOSTING. There is a way to move mysql to other directory other than the one defined by cpanel. Firstly, you will need to backup everything on /var/lib/mysql folder. Once you have done that, you will have to follow the below instruction.