ping: icmp open socket: Operation not permitted Centos 6 LXC

If you are facing an issue with Centos 6.8 template in LXC. Showing you the error

Backlog limit exceeded error and freeze in CentOS 6

"Backlog limit exceeded error", basically what happen is that your OS audit folder is getting flooded with audit events and is unable to write to /var/log/audit directory as the write are too damn fast. It cause the whole system to freeze and you won't be able to login either. Here are a few solutions,

How to move all cPanel accounts to new server via command line

This is a short how-to tutorial to migrate or transfer all cPanel accounts from my old 1.5TB server to another new SSD server through command line.

Installing Gitlab with centos 6 using Apache server on cPanel DNS ONLY server

Please take note these instruction is installed on top of cPanel DNS only server, therefore all services for both gitlab and cpanel DNS Only will still works side by side.

Varnish 403 Error – error on page

You have installed varnish into your web server and being happy with it for a few days and suddenly one day you found out that your page is showing an error page with the text "error" on it. And that kept you wonder why is varnish showing error page and after restarting your varnish it is still showing error.