10 Ways To Destroy A SQL Database

Database is the asset of most online or internet based company. Everyone looks at how to improve and secure their databases to protect or improve their company. While everyone is searching for remedies or enhancement pills for their company, there are often simple mistakes made by some companies (especially the small to middle ones) that might just destroy their businesses. Rather than looking at how we can protect our database, this article will look at ways to destroy it instead! (through mistake, of course)

Don't Monitor Error Log

The first line of defense that any database would have. Error log may indicates first time problem occurs or warnings that your database might be facing problem. These troubles can be easily avoided or missed depending on what you do. Be my guest and ignore error log will definitely help to destroy your database.

4 thoughts on “10 Ways To Destroy A SQL Database

  1. lol... i'm now working to update a system which was very poorly written...

    It has:
    - useless indexes
    - no documentation
    - all tables are in the form:
    - table1_2005
    - table1_2006
    - table1_2007
    - table2_2005
    - table2_2006
    - etc.
    (that's the worst part)

    So I would add:
    - tables with a descriptive name
    - NOT DIVIDED BY YEARS! 80.000 records per year and table isn't a great load for MySQL or any DB motor if you have the right indexes.

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