Safari plugin for your web development need

Safari has been Mac user favourite browser when it comes to surfing the world wide web.  However, web development using Safari may still seems a bit troublesome compare to Mozilla Firefox. But things is starting to change. Safari users are starting to develop their own unique Safari plugin to share with other developers around the world. Web development on Safari may change slowly when more Safari plugin is being developed, here are some of Safari plugin that developers used on web development.

Safari Tidy


Safari Tidy is plugin that lets you validate the webpages you browse for (x)html compliance. It is a validator that will show three status on Safari, warning, error, ok in a small icon on the lower right of the browser. If there is any error on your HTML, Safari Tidy will detect it!



Drosera is a JavaScript debugger for WebKit that can be used with any application that uses WebKit. Like the Web Inspector, over 90% of it is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you are using a lower version of Safari, this is something you need for debugging as this has been replaced by Web Inspector.

Web Inspector


This is something alike Firebug in Mozilla Firefox. The Web Inspector lets you browse the live DOM hierarchy in a compact HUD style window. It also highlight the node on the page as it is selected in the hierarchy. You can also search for nodes by node name, id and CSS class name. This is a must have plugin if you are doing web development with Safari.



XRAY is not really a Safari Plugin. It is a bookmarklet for most browser that can be used to look at the box model for any element on the page. You will just have to drag it onto your bookmark panel and hit on XRAY to see the details of the particular box or div. Details such as height,weight,position, etc. Mostly CSS rule details as shown below.This is very handy.


Safari Source


This simple plugin allows you to adds syntax coloring to Safari's source view so that it can be view much easier.

Safari Stand


An InputManager plugin that adds various useful functionality, such as bookmark/history searching, thumbnail tab sidebar, view related cookies/css/images for a site. This can be used with Safari Tidy side by side.



Saft is more like a improvement plugin for Safari than a web development plugin. Nonetheless, it can help you to speed up web development such as crush protection.

If the above Safari Plugin cannot serve you on your web development in Safari, you may wish to look for web based solution to continue web development. The other solution is to use cross browser plugin such as Firebug Lite, Fiddler, NitobiBug or DebugBar which can be found in Here. That is all i have for Safari plugin for your web development need. If you have any more cool plugin you would like to share. Please share it with us!

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