40 Important Check Up On Your Web Development For Better User Experience

Many developers and designers nowadays may not be aware of how important a responsive and better user experience can determine a good and a poor website. Having good coding practice and efficient use of built in methods are important but there are more than just these. This is a practical check list for an optimized website that should be practice during your web development for faster and better user experiences. Please take note that some of the point listed here may contradict the practice of a good SEO friendly site.

1. Compressed JavaScript and CSS

I will say this is the basic thing that most web developer will be well aware of. The benefit to do this is so that your user will not have to wait the extra few second for your page to be loaded due to the extra kb that were not optimal on your JavaScript and CSS files. This actually makes a difference when your users are running a slow connection.

2. Use Cache-Control header

Since web pages are getting more and more richer which means more images, script, flash, content and etc.,  caching your site is the best way to experience faster respond time for your users. A first time user may have to make more HTTP request, but subsequent page visits will definitely reduce the number of HTTP request making your site feel faster. There are three way of caching,

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