Review On Hostgator And Tips On Web Hosting Service

Well, this is a personal experience with Hostgator that i am sharing with you. And this is also the only product that i wrote in which i strongly think it is necessary in every web development. Without a hosting service, there won't be a need for web development. Seriously, there are just too many host services available on the internet. Each and everyone of their marketing strategy are strong and powerful. This means that they all seems to be reliable, supportive, trustworthy, etc. and etc. BECAUSE OF MARKETING. I did market research online for a week searching for good web hosting to get all my domain up and running. I nearly get trick by these advertisement they used. Here are some of the things i learn during my research and i would to share my tips on web hosting with you

  • Never trust a single source! Search for more information, most product online just seems too good to be true.
  • Never look at top 10 chart for web hosting. Most of them are owned by companies on the top 10 list
  • Never trust review blog. Blog that are dedicated to review products are not trustworthy, they are paid to do that! Status and facts that they provides doesn't really mean anything. Everything can be modify with Photoshop
  • Look for reliable sources. Sources that are supported by many people
  • Always look for the bad things people say about a company. Good thing are just everywhere online. Especially with marketing around
  • Listen to users who have experience with the services and check whether they are really using that service!
  • Do not trust even magazine which have many ads and good review. Most of them are paid to be even in magazine!
  • Ask question with their support. Ask everytime! This will help to ensure they really provides good support for all area. Don't just do it a single day!
  • Do not believe what you see. Find out yourself. Look for outside sources
  • List out all the good web hosting that you have found. Minimize them along the way.
  • Do not trust sources that other users cannot comment. You can try to look at blog that allows other users to comment to know more about the hosting
  • Look at the relevancy of the review by other people
  • Look at the site of the commenter who commented bad about the hosting services, you may be surprise that they are actually the competitors from other hosting site. This happened to blogs review most of the time
  • Checkout the duration of the reviewer with the service
  • Look at each web hosting service company total hosted domains
  • Always look at the rule and regulation VERY carefully
  • New Hosting company always has all the good things since its new but it will gets horrible in the long run
  • Find reputation company
  • Seems like everything is bad. But its the truth! You can only trust multiple review by users of that hosting services which is the only most reliable sources you can get

My list can goes on but i believe these are the most important ones. You can try finding how many people have been a victim on getting bad web hosting services. You might be surprise on the number of people there are. Try not to be one of them. Here are two site which i finally look upon with each and every good host services i have

Please look at the comment given by the users. Although these can be tempered with but it is more reliable than those that do not allow others to review them. Enough of tips of finding good hosting. Its time for the review of Hostgator

23 thoughts on “Review On Hostgator And Tips On Web Hosting Service

  1. Clay, I'm glad you had good results with HostGator. I know other people have, too. I wish I had. I bought 2 years of hosting from them and every single day my site was down for 2-3 hours a day and they never answered my support tickets. Come renewal time, they didn't renew me at the same price, but rather increased the price -- all the while, the rest of the web hosting community has drastically come down in price over the last two years. I have never had web hosting renew at a higher price from any company. Don't know why they did that. I immediately canceled my account and got a refund. I hope you continue to have good luck with them, but what your bill come renewal time.

  2. Hmm..just wondering whether your comment is relevantly true. It might be but judging from the URL of yours and the majority of people commented on Hostgator i personally don't think it is. Here's my point.

    1. Every day site was down. I think Hostgator should be gone by now.
    2. They never answer support ticket, don't think they are praised by many people for having bad services though.
    3. don't know why they increase your price seems a bit weird there.
    4. you immediately canceled your account and got a refund after 2 years with Hostgator. This doesn't sound quite right too. The refund period is 45 days?
    5. I believe Hostgator is so successfully for a reason although they do not have the lowest price for hosting around the market but definitely the quality is there.
    6. your comment just look suspicious that i have to comment.

    I must apologize for being so straight forward but I'm not trying to stand on anyone side on this comment. They have their bad part but definitely not the one you mention. I will update this post after my web hosting service with Hostgator is over and will let you know whether they does do that. Nonetheless, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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