List Of Must Have Addons For Designers In Web Development

This is a list of addon to Mozilla Firefox for designers in web development. I believe most of the professional web designers may have this list. But for some of the designers who just started designing on web might find this pretty useful. The list here are being updated personally by me along with some of the list listed below for my web development need.

Nonetheless, feel free to suggest any good material you have for your web development! One thing to note, i recommend you to visit List Of Must Have Addons For Programmers In Web Development before reading this list. The list on the programmer side may have some useful tools you will need as a designer too.



3 thoughts on “List Of Must Have Addons For Designers In Web Development

  1. It is funny you don't even list Firebug, which is needed by at
    least one plugin... I suppose it is so obvious now it doesn't even
    have to be mentioned? PS.: I would add the word "Firefox" in the
    title of this article...

  2. Hi PhiLho, I believe you would have to go to the programmer side to
    see Firebug. hmm..i though i wrote it on the beginning of the
    article that there is a need to visit the programmer side as some
    of the plugin is useful for some designers? Since not all designer
    are programmer so i placed on the programmer side. I believe PhiLho
    you can do programming right? =) Clay

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