CSS Tips and Tricks Collection

We see different CSS tips and tricks articles almost in every popular website. However, different articles have their own CSS tips and tricks. This makes me wondering that it will be great to have one single CSS tips and tricks collection. A collection that gather all great tips and tricks that has been found since the beginning popular demand of CSS. Well, this might as well be a selfish article that i would like to have for my own collection. Hence, in this article you might just find all of the great CSS tips and tricks that might satisfy your CSS work demand! (This article does not include techniques)


Below gathered all the tips that might help you change the way you write CSS.

Avoid Hacks

Try avoiding using hack to solve your problem for IE 6 and below. Sometimes it might not be the problem of compatibility that caused your CSS not working on IE. It might just be the mistake made by you. Furthermore, you can't guarantee that these hack will work forever in the future. It might just come back hunting you in the future. We never know when new browser will have the capability to read those tag right?

Organize CSS definition

It is a good practice to always organize your CSS definition. Depending on how you organize it might just help you in term of usability and maintainability in the future. You can try organizing your CSS definition by block,

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