Web File And Folder Permission – Security

I believe majority of us will have their website host on a shared environment as it is cheaper and more cost effective. Even if you have a dedicated server plan, the network administrator will not be 'automatic' enough to educate you about file and folder permission on your web environment. Your best bet is to approach them and discuss this topic hoping for a more secure environment through some dedication from your side (since all file and folder permission are managed by you instead of network administrator). But often we get standard answers from these network administrator who might not be very knowledgeable on this topic and you might ended up getting 'standard' answer from a predefined QnA text on their side. I believe everyone have certain knowledge on file and folder permission but in details what are the security risk we are facing if we ignore them? In this article, we will discuss them and hopefully get some idea and understanding on the security impact of file and folder permission in our web environment.