Largest Collection Of Web based Tools to speed up your web development

If you are not using Firefox, you may lose out the advantages that Mozilla Firefox has provided for web developers. But this doesn't means that you must develop in Mozilla Firefox. Some people will prefer to develop their web application on some other browser instead on Mozilla Firefox especially when majority of the normal users are using Internet Explorer as their default browser. For Mozilla Firefox developers, there is a list of useful plugin that may be useful for you. Nonetheless, this article will also be equally interesting for your collection. Web based tools has become a powerful tool for many users nowadays not only developers and designers are using it but even normal users love it. In this article, i will share with you a list of web based tools which i personally keep. Hopefully, you can use it and speed up your own web development. Please take note that the 28 in the title is the initial release of tools i have, this post will be updated with more web based tools in the future. If anyone suggested something good for web based tools or i found any, i will update this list again. I believe this will be the largest collection of web based tools on the internet which is consistently updated and maintained.



Koders a search engine that allows you to search for any codes not only PHP. There are many valuable source code available in Koders that you should be aware of. This is a must have link for your web development need! This will definitely speed up your development process.



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  1. The 15+ minute queue for Browsershots was plenty of time for me to check out the Wave and TAW accessibility checkers. I think TAW did a more thorough job of ripping out my heart. However, I found Wave easier to understand. Both tools made me want to serve text-only documents in the future. Thanks for the list!

  2. I think, "Firebug" is very important tool for debugging web

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