Tutorial: How to get post id when using publish_post action hook in WordPress

This topic may seems stupid to some plugin developers but it may really surprise you. Most of you will just say, "Hey, just use the WordPress global variable, $post. Issue solved!". Yes, it is stated as global variable across WordPress developers and it should be globally available. Surprisingly, IT IS NOT~. I spend hours researching for an answer which are not document anywhere and finally decided to write a post to inform some plugin developer who are still unaware of such condition.


I wanted to attached a function to an event, publish_post whenever the user click on publish or update button when they have done with their post in WordPress. Usually, global variable $post will solve this problem easily. But for the case of publish_post action hook, this is not the case. The global variable $post which is accessible in any area of WordPress is not accessible when a user clicked on the publish button. The global variable $post will return 'null' instead of the post object which contain all the post data. Let the nightmare began.


Usually, we will see this on top of the post,

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  1. heh, thanks! I had similar code written down before... but I lost it πŸ™ saves me a few hours of trouble shooting again πŸ™‚

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