Tutorial: How to optimize wordpress plugin for SEO

This tutorial demonstrate a simple way to optimize your wordpress plugin for SEO purposes. It is always better to optimize some of your plugin if they are not doing their job properly.

What plugin required to optimize?

As we all know that the most important things should be placed on the header of the page. If our plugin place a script or a style on the header, it is important to bring them down so that search engine don't look at them as important. The most appropriate place is on the footer where the search engine spider prioritize the lowest among other section. ( unless you place your side bar below footer, footer usually is placed as lowest priority).

Identifying wordpress plugin that are not optimize

Identifying wordpress plugin that are not optimized for SEO can be both easy and difficult. If the plugin provided clues for your changes, it will be easily known which plugin has caused this mistake. However, if the instruction have no inserted any code to identify which plugin does the instruction belong, it will be more tricky than usual. In order to do this, i have illustrate it below.

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