Tutorial: Making a template for concrete5

I will try to show you how to create a simple concrete5 template! You can also learn it yourself by watching this video on c5 website.

9 thoughts on “Tutorial: Making a template for concrete5

  1. Hello, very nice tutorial. I wanted to make a mention of a few things here which might warrant a change. Totally up to you though.

    I would move the header_required to directly before the closing head tag. This makes sure that concrete5 doesn't have a style overwritten by the css that prints out from the header_required file.

    Also it is recommended that you have a main.css for your layout, and a typography.css which tinyMCE will attempt to pick styles from.

    Also to pass css through the customization engine which parses css comments and allows changing of values it is best to use this code:

    @import "getStyleSheet('main.css');?>"

  2. Nice tutorial! One small thing though - you're using "<?=". I know, this looks nice but unfortunately it doesn't work on all servers since it needs short_tags to be enabled and since Concrete5 doesn't need it anymore, a few concreters might get an error due to this.

  3. Yup Remo, Thanks for the update! Been a while since i update this post. Here's a follow up, it is best to use <?php instead of <? or <?= or any short tag because not all server open up short_tags in their php.ini file like what Remo had said. In case you are wondering what is <?= it is equivalence to <?php echo . If I'm not wrong Remo is one of the active member of Concrete5, you may want to visit his site for more Concrete5 information. Cheers!

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