Tutorial: How to add on special effect for your photography photo

Learn something new in photoshop today and would like to share with people who know my existence XD. This tutorial gives an idea on how some images bring fantastic effects on their photograph. I will demonstrate an example below,

1. Fire up your photoshop and open any scene images you have and click Edit->Define Pattern, give it a name.


2. Now we have a new pattern we will open up another photo we want to give this effect to and on the Layer Palette look for the icon 'Add a layer style' and choose Pattern Overlay.


3. Now, choose the new pattern that you have define and play with the opacity and scale bar until it gets you something like this.


Of course you can get a lot more effect than the one shown above, play around with the mode and you might just get what you want.


The key point here is to use different texture found in our real world and apply it on the image itself to produce different effects. (google is your friend) Here are some example,


In order to fully bring out this effect, we need to have a pattern which has a similar size as the image or else it won't be as good as expected. I am just showing how this effects can bring it to certain images but this kind of technique can also apply to different type of design such as buttons, background image,photography, etc.

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