How to make animated GIFs extension file using Photoshop

Ever wonder how to make an animated GIFs extension image file using Photoshop? Animated GIFs image is useful in many different occasions. Especially when you wish to create a banner on the web and didn't know what to do. Normally, what all of us will do is to search for any program that can assist us with this task. But usually it is quite difficult to find something free and powerful enough to make an animated GIFs image without watermark or restrictions. Luckily, Photoshop is able to do this for you without any extension plugin or difficult procedure. In this article, we will look at how animated GIFs image can be achieved using Photoshop.

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Here are some of the way you can work with Horizontal Type Tools.

Tutorial: How to add effects with brushes!

Being a novice in photoshop i would say this is the greatest finding i have since i started playing with photoshop! I never know that there is such a powerful tool that most designer have been using to enchance their image and design! I would like to share this awesome technique to you guys and hope you guys find this interesting too~

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Learn something new in photoshop today and would like to share with people who know my existence XD. This tutorial gives an idea on how some images bring fantastic effects on their photograph. I will demonstrate an example below,

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1. Fire up your photoshop and open up a workspace, change the background to a color where it fit the color of a blackboard(#33463a)