Customize Authentication On Yii Framework Using MySQL Database

Just managed to find some time to play around with Yii. Yii is powerful but there is still a long way to go if we are talking about documentation for Yii framework. In Yii framework, we can see that it is very different from CodeIgniter where documentation is really structured and well understood. Nonetheless, i still feel that Yii framework is worth to explore. I managed to get my own customized authentication on Yii by adding some secure feature such as hashing, salt, key and etc. So here i am writing this tutorial to share with you more about Yii framework using MySQL database.


Since this is more like a follow up tutorial, there are a few requirements before you start reading this tutorial.

  1. Installed Yii with a MySQL database.
  2. Setup Gii and get the user CRUD completed.

Customize Authentication - Database

Now here comes the tricky part. We need a database that stored our hashed password which is 128 bits since i am using sha512. Our data schema should looks like this,

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