Yii2 Restful API UploadedFile Hack

ok, here a little hack that i did because i couldn't get the tutorial one working on the following link

Easily Integrate PayPal IPN in Yii Framework

Wonder how to integrate paypal IPN in Yii framework? Are you searching for Yii extension to integrate paypal IPN into your application? Well, i used to do that until i got fed up with reading all the documentation all excessive code dated by 2012 that hasn't been update for months! So i decided to just integrate paypal ipn alone into my Yii framework and guess what, it was so dead simple that it simply doesn't need any extension to began with.

PayPal IPN Tutorial

Before i began writing this tutorial, you should really understand what is paypal ipn is and why you are integrating it. Paypal IPN refers PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) which is a service provides by paypal to instantly notify your application whenever there is a payment made to you. And Micah Carrick had explained it perfectly on how to integrate it on a PHP level.

Coding Paypal IPN in Yii Framework

Here we go, firstly, you will need to get the code PHP-PayPal-IPN from github. The library provides you with a simple integration to Paypal IPN. Download the code and placed into your project/protected/vendors/PHP-PayPal-IPN and rename the ipnlistener.php to IpnListener.php.

Yii renderPartial duplication solution

Its been almost a year since i found something interested to write since im busy working and didn't really get the time to write some useful stuff. Today i came across a well known issue in Yii solution that caused duplicate js request whenever we are doing ajax stuff with renderPartial. Here's a small js script that will save our asses.

Yii CClientScript Disable RegisterScript

I though this might be useful since its not widely spread yet. There will be times when you want to disable some scripts on CClientScript so that your ajax or JSON will print properly. In this case, depending on what you want to disable, these methods might be helpful.

Disable Yii Log on Action Controller

Well, i found something interesting yesterday that might be useful for Yii developer when they deal with restful api or JSON output with Yii framework. Sometimes it is good to disable Log output in order to return proper JSON or restful api calls. In that case, you can try to do the following,