WordPress Plugin: Hungred Post Thumbnail

Finally, Hungred Post Thumbnail has been completed! This thumbnail is currently LIVE on Hungred.com and 1sitedaily.com. Originally, i wanted to showcase this plugin in a video but I really could not find a free and powerful one so you will have to bear with me until I find a suitable one. But in the meantime the plugin features can be seen below:

About the plugin

This plugin provides you with customization for your own WordPress theme without affecting your overall layout. There are options in the setting section that allows you to fully customize it for your needs. I understand that this plugin is for people who might not have any programming knowledge and would still like to customize thumbnails for their own needs without doing much of the work like resizing, CSS, HTML, WordPress codes, etc. ( i too do not wish to go through these each and every time!) and people who have already established a site with many posts but did not integrate such features in the beginning. Furthermore, the existing post thumbnails does not really suit my needs. Therefore, i created this plugin to help myself and distribute it out to you guys in the hope that it will be of good use.

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  1. From version 2.0 onwards, the above commenter question and answers have all been documented into readme.txt file. Please refer to readme.txt for more information. If you have any question or doubt, please visit the forum. Furthermore, most the features mentioned by some of you has also been added into the plugin. Thanks to Soccermylife.com for sponsoring this update! Thanks for sponsoring this plugin. Enjoy!

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