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Free Directories Submission

If you have just started with a website with little traffic and no reference links. This might be a good thing to look into. Other than the most famous search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and ASK other search engines practically do not contribute much traffic to your site since their market share are much much smaller than the giant ones. Most of these smaller search engine results are retrieved from these giant search engines. It is better to just deal with the big boys than moving around trying to gain more traffic with the smaller ones. However, getting to the top of these big search engines is often difficult. Thus, submitting to Directories instead will greatly help you. Directories site are manually review by human and is greatly appreciated by the big boys. But there is some points to look at when submitting to directories.

1.       Submitting your site to them can greatly help out your ranking but please do not double submit them to avoid any duplicate work necessary for these poor boys.

2.       Make sure the directories are not banned by any search engines. You don't want bad reputation directories to recommend your site. Really.

3.       Page Rank isn't everything. In fact, Google is changing their algorithm in regards to Page Rank. Go for a good PR directories, a low PR directories are not value by Google in the near future as announce recently.

4.       Free directories take time. It is a free services, it may take more than a few month to complete review your site.

5.       Seek for the oldest directories, most search engine value them. But they don't come free.

6.       Review the directory's guidelines and don't abuse them.

7.       Check whether your website has already been listed in their directory before submission.

Having to understand what directories are, here are some of the free directories you can submit to.

Do not required a Reciprocal link

1.       DMOZ
A open source directory. Many will appreciate their services even Google acknowledge them. This is a must submit directory.

2.       Clickey
Required to register with a real domain name.

3.       Turnpike

4.       Little Web Directory

5.       Infignos

6.       So Much

Required a Reciprocal link

7.       Websites Promotion Directory

8.       Jayde

9.       one Mission

10.   World Site Index

11.   Directory World
Requires a reciprocal link, but is otherwise free. Good page ranks for listing pages.

List of useful directories

12. seo company list of directories

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