Overall Introduction to SEO (Search engine optimization) essential that beginner needs to know


If you have entered this post, you might probably be one of those who came across SEO this acronym for the first time. SEO which is also known as 'search engine optimization' or 'search engine optimizer' is a process of improving the volume of traffic to a web site from search engines via search results. There are billions of people out there using search engine to seek for information that are desirable to them. Without search engine, goal knows where are all the gold in the World Wide Web?

Who needs to know and learnĀ  SEO?

Personally, I think this should be split to two groups. Group that required to learn and another group that is not required to learn. But both of them should at least know there such term call SEO. Web Developers and designers are definitely in the required group. In order to produce a better SEO web site, the required group will need to know SEO to perform quality services for their consumers or themselves. Learning them late will cause quite a bit of problems when it comes to indexing on search engines. The optional group will most likely be people who wish to know more about SEO (that is why you are here) which doesn't really required a number of hands on job with your website.

How does SEO works?

Seriously, SEO works according to the rules of the search engine. In order to keep your site on top of the search result, one has to blind themselves with the rules of the search engine. Different search engine has different rules so it depends on which search engine you are targeting. However, most search engine works similarly nowadays. They all have crawlers which crawl your submitted site pages but not all crawled pages are being indexed by the search engine. The reasons why it is not being indexed although it has been crawled by the search engine are because crawler looks at different factors (rules) when crawling a site. Of course, the factors are being advice to the webmaster nowadays from the search engine site to prevent incident that happens between 1997-2005. (Webmaster excessively stuffed irrelevant words in order to climb on top of the search result)

How does crawling works?

bear in mind that the spider or googlebot that enters your site to crawl your data do not stay in your site for long. It will basically sees what it appeared to them and get what they found and return to the server with the information gathered from your site.

Which website is suitable for SEO?

SEO is a good way to attracts traffics to your site but it definitely does not guarantee any sales. Thus, not all website are suitable for such marketing strategy whereas other types of internal marketing strategy might be better in this situation. Furthermore, if your website is a business website, it is definitely not advisable to depend on search engine for referrals! The reason being is those search engines are not paid by you to operate, which means they are capable of changing their search algorithm which will severally damage your business operation as they are no longer sending visitors to your site. Thus, it is wiser to get traffics from other permanent places such as traffics from other links.

Who are the trusted SEO?

Personally, there are MILIIONS of marketing fraud in the World Wide Web. Every single advertisement is so attractive that makes consumers eager to purchase from them. This is not only happening in SEO but many other parts of the industries. A lot of research will have to be done before purchasing a certain goods from the World Wide Web. Please do not trust most of the site which are paid to review these products. They may be honest but they are being paid after all. Therefore, your best bid is to research very carefully on the reviews given by non-paid reviewers that have experience with their services. Google has list down few things that you must look at when dealing with a SEO.

What are the best search engines for SEO?

The answer really depends on where you are right now. Different country uses different search engine for their daily needs. For example, Baidu dominates the search engine in China whereas in Russia, Yandex controls 50% of the paid advertisement revenue. It varies from country to country.

Where is Google standing for SEO?

Google has done a great job in educating web master on how Google search engine work. All types of fantastic search engine tools have been developed by Google for SEO in their search engine. Many talks about Google methods of indexing site which most of us are applying the best practice Google has provided for us. There are definitely no guarantee ways of being indexed by a search engine without playing fairly. The best way is to learn SEO and apply to your website either by yourself or your company. There are definitely no shortcuts on SEO (not even if you pay Google). But at the end of the day, you learn something which may benefit you.

Hope this sums up all about SEO.

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