WordPress Text Formatting Problem – Solved!

In Hungred Dot Com, we have been having problem with text formatting in WordPress for all our codes due to WordPress smart quotes functionality. Most of us who write code for the public usually uses those smart plugin such as 'SyntaxHighlighter Evolved' to present it nicely to our users. The problem with using external plugins such as this is that WordPress smart quotes doesn't see the tag for the plugin in this case,

as one of excluding formatting tag. Tag such as 'pre', 'code', 'kbd', 'style', 'script', 'tt' are excluded from smart quotes which you can personally view it on the source code of WordPress located at wp-includes/formatting.php. Hence, your WordPress codes article will not be showing '"' instead of the normal '"' symbol. However, there are ways to solve such problem and here we will present them to you to eliminate all these trouble once and for all!