Tutorial: How to change your color image to black and white

This is a simple tutorial to demonstrate how to change a  color photo to a stunning black and white image.

1. Fire your Photoshop and open up the color image. I will use these two 'things' in the cup XD


2. Choose Layer --> New Adjustment Layer --> Hue/Saturation and set the Blending Mode to Color and click 'OK'.


3. Choose Layer --> New Adjustment Layer --> Hue/Saturation and leave the Blending Mode to Normal. Set the Saturation to -100 Click 'OK'. Now you should have two Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layers.


4. Double-click on the layer thumbnail of the bottom Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer which we first created on point 2.


5. The 'Hue' slider is what makes it all happen-move it around to see how the conversion reacts. You can also boost the saturation to make the effect more drastic.


6.  Tweaking the 'Hue' slider to your liking

7. Save the file and Viola!