Tutorial: Cross browser Multiple Uploader With SWFUpload And JavaScript

Most of us will know that performing multiple upload with JavaScript alone that are both dynamic and powerful is complicated and confusing. Let alone having cross browser capability. Furthermore, all browsers will only allow one file to be chosen per dialog box at any one time. This makes multiple upload a tedious job for our users. Moreover, most methods are having a hard time populating the bytes uploaded to the system (progress bar). Therefore, there is a need for a more powerful and easier solution for multiple uploader that can both upload asynchronously and allows users to select multiple files at one go.


We can use JavaScript, iFrame and PHP library to perform the above task. However, this is more complicated and required to configure the server so that it contains the PHP library. If you are working on Open Source application, requesting users to configure their PHP server in order to use a certain function is not desirable. However, this can be done as follow

  • Using JavaScript to eliminate the need for multiple upload file
  • Using iFrame to store each upload bar to be prepared to upload
  • PHP itself is capable to receive multiple files
  • However, PHP is unable to show the process bar of each upload. This will required < a href="http://pecl.php.net/package/APC" rel="nofollow">Perl library(php_apc.dll) that was built for PHP which is currently unavailable in PHP 5.2 but will be placed into PHP in version 6. (that's is why i didn't write this tutorial)

I personally did the above 2 years ago when i was still working for an Australia based company (which i might write it out in this site later). The other method is to use a flash uploader such as SWFUpload.

What is SWFUpload?

SWFUpload is an open source flash uploader that WordPress is currently using. Although this is not a normal plug and play flash uploader, it is certainly updated and powerful. Moreover, it has cross browser capability and allow users to select multiple files at one time. However, implementing it and understanding it do takes time. But it worth it.

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