How to Setup GFS2 or GFS in Linux Centos

It has been a nightmare for me setting up GFS2 with my 3 shared hosting servers and 1 SAN Storage. I have been reading all over the internet and the solutions to this is either outdated or contains bug that cannot make my SAN storage SAN to work. Finally, i managed to setup my GFS2 on my Dell MD3200i with 10TB of disk space.

GFS2/GFS Test Environment

Here is the test environment equipment that i utilized for this setup.

  1. 3 Centos Web Server
  2. 1 MD3200i Dell SAN Storage
  3. 1 Switch to connect all these equipment together


I will assume you would have setup all your 3 Centos servers to communicate with your SAN ISCSI storage. This means that all your 3 Centos servers will be able to view your newly created LUN using iscsiadmn. And you have switch off your iptabls and selinux. If your iscsi storage hasn't configure, you can do so at cyberciti.

Setup GFS2/GFS packages

On all of your 3 Centos servers, you must install the following packages:

  1. cman
  2. gfs-utils
  3. kmod-dlm
  4. modcluster
  5. ricci
  6. luci
  7. cluster-snmp
  8. iscsi-initiator-utils
  9. openais
  10. oddjobs
  11. rgmanager

Or you can simple type the following yum on all 3 Centos machine