How to List Images on Proxmox Ceph with RBD

Ok, Ceph, its a pretty new file storage for me which assist in Proxmox clustering. As much as i like it, there are a lot of things that isn't readily available on the internet. Especially for novice user like myself. Thing such as listing all the images out of a particular Proxmox machine that are using Ceph. If you look at the Ceph documentation, it will link you to rbd which said,

rbd is a utility for manipulating rados block device (RBD) images, used by the Linux rbd driver and the rbd storage driver for Qemu/KVM. RBD images are simple block devices that are striped over objects and stored in a RADOS object store. The size of the objects the image is striped over must be a power of two.

If you are looking on how to resize or list an image, the block device commands documentation on RBD might helps.

Now, to list out all your proxmox ceph images (so you can resize etc.), you will need to do login to the machine and do the following,

rbd list  --pool twopiz

where twopiz is the pool i created on proxmox database as shown below,
Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 4.36.39 PM
if you have another pool, you'll just need to let it know how what pool to list them out. Once you do that, destorying, creating and etc. will be simple.