Dell Powerconnect 6224 reset but no internet connection

Things to take note on the dell powerconnect 6224 configuration. Upon reloading with your serial connection, it will prompt you to reset your web interface, once you configure the network, you will be able to access your web management interface. However, your whole switch won't have access to the internet even if you have reset your Dell Powerconnect 6224 switch!

If you try to ping anywhere around the world within the console, you will get a "DNS LOOKUP FAILING" and all your servers won't get any internet connection! You'll need to go to the web interface or in the console, but for my case, i did it on web interface, add the following dns into your router

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.23.26 AM

and remember to enable http server so that you could access your web management

ip http server

Once you done all these, save your configuration!

copy running-config startup-config

and you are as good as new!