Tutorial: How to make your own opening and closing door effect with jQuery

The kind words from some of you guys really makes me wanted to write more advance tutorial but i really have limited time. Nonetheless, i will try my best to write at least 1 tutorial in the most easiest and detail form as much as i can. In this tutorial, i will show you a more advance trick to perform a opening/closing door effect. This tutorial will deal with viewport to perform such effect and may get a little confusing. The demo is as usual at the bottom of the tutorial. If you would like to view the demo first before reading, please proceed to the bottom of this tutorial instead.


Imagine you have a sliding door, one left and one right. In order to open/close this particular door, we have to pull or push both door so that it will open or close completely. This is the usual case for a door to open and close which required two image of door left and right. How can this be done? The concept behind this technique is not similar to the zoom tutorial i did previously. But let's just concentrate on what is a viewport. A viewport is just a viewable area on the screen to the user, anything outside the viewport is considered unseen by the user. Using viewport, we will try to hide the two sliding door left and right outside the viewport and when the user clicks on the image, the door will automatically be called in and closed the door to create a nicely done closed door effect. The opening door effect will be exactly the same with the additional step to open the door after the door is closed.


I believe the CSS and HTML structure should be the same as the shuffle effect tutorial i wrote previously.


The coding part may get a bit confusing for the viewport technique. But i will try my best to cover it with simplicity as much as i can. If there is any doubt you may have you can really comment below and i will try to reply you within the day if possible. On the CSS Coding,

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