Closing new tab on Google Chrome Extension

This is something very new which i recently having problem with. I would like to open a new website and check for a certain criteria in my google chrome extension and close that particular new tab that i just open using chrome.tabs.create. However, the following code doesn't work when i inject the code into the new tab


The condition of closing a new tab has been fulfilled however i am not able to close that tab. Google for a few times doesn't give me any answer to my question until i try something new and it works. Looking at the below code,

chrome.tabs.create({'url': tab.url + 'feed/'}, 
function(tab) {
	chrome.tabs.executeScript(, {code: "this.close();"});

take note that i uses chrome.tabs.create to open up a new tab on my google chrome extension. After i validate my url i injected a close command using "this" instead of "windows" with the id of the tab i just open. Apparently, it works!

Hope it helps someone 🙂